If Truong Phi – Ma Sieu fight to the end, who will win?

From the perspective of Chinese historical analysis site Qulishi, looking back at the work “China’s Three Kingdoms“, it is not difficult to realize that this classic title has successfully portrayed 5 best matches.

It was the battle between the three warriors Lu Bu and Thai Su Tu who fought alone against King Trieu Ton Sach and Hoang Trung fought together Guan Yu, Promise alone beat Ma Sieu and finally the competition between Truong Duc Duc and Ma Manh Khoi.

Among them, the match between Zhang Fei and Ma Sieu in Hai Manh Ha Manh is the duel has the longest time, lasting from day to night. This can be considered the “battle of three hundred innings” more genuine.

And at the war in Hà Mạnh, even though this was a battle between two generals, but fortunately the tragic outcome of losing one did not happen. By this time Zhuge Liang devised a plan to make Ma Sieu surrender to the armor.

However, because of that, many readers could not help wondering: Assuming Truong Phi and Ma Sieu had the opportunity to fight to the end, who will be the winner of the fierce battle between the two generals?

Also according to Qulishi’s analysis within the “Three Kingdoms meaning”, the answer to the above question of the reader can be answered through the following three aspects.

First aspect: The advantage of the rear

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Judging from the aspect of “heavenly weather, favorable terrain, and human harmony”, it is not difficult to realize that Ma Sieu is in a lower position in the battle in Ha Manh.

Because Truong Phi at this time was the one who fought on the “home ground”. Behind him was not only a strong fortress, but also big brother Liu Bei and a nearby bodyguard Zhao Tu Long.

So no matter how the general fights, he doesn’t have to worry about the rear. Therefore, Truong Phi can fully devote his efforts to risk his life with Ma Sieu.

In case Truong Phi is exhausted, he can still return to Ha Manh to rest. In this stronghold, he not only had meat and wine to enjoy, there was the great brother Luu Huyen Duc working on the ideology and psychology, even more able to sleep safely.

Meanwhile, Ma Sieu with his army which is the expeditionary army, the rear certainly can not compare with the opponent, that is not to mention the mileage to use economically, eat meals first and then take care of the next meal. .

Not only that, the General Ma was then always in a state of anxiety about whether Zhang Lu could hear the instigator and beat him secretly.

So it is not an overstatement to say that Ma Sieu is in Hà Mạnh. He must open an eye even to sleep. Therefore, the more he will fight, the easier it will get tired, and Truong Duc will be the opposite.

The second aspect: Long-term combat experience

If Truong Phi Ma Sieu fight to the end who will win | Manga/Film

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According to Qulishi, Zhang Fei is the adult from the fighting. Since the time of handing over to the first high-ranking player Lu Bu, this character is like being enlightened, the fighting strength also increased dramatically.

In the past, Truong Phi at Ho Lao Quan had a hand-to-hand fight against Lu Phung Tien “More than fifty rounds are still inconclusive.”

From that time on, he seemed to have broken through his own limits, only to reach the supreme level “Of the ten thousand troops, the rank of prime minister will be like taking things from a bag.”.

Because of that, Lu Bu himself later became more headache when facing Zhang Fei. This may also be one of the reasons why the character possessing martial arts called “first world” must choose the method of sneaking Xuzhou to enlist when Zhang Phi is drunk, not capable combat force.

Thus, in terms of long-term combat experience, once Truong Phi captures Ma Sieu’s attacks, the Ma generals will most likely be pushed into a lower position.

Third aspect: The cunning on the battlefield

If Truong Phi Ma Sieu fight to the end who will win | Manga/Film

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Qulishi said that in Liu Bei’s joint battle, in terms of intelligence on the battlefield, Zhao Zi Long could only rank second, because the head was none other than Zhang Duc Duc.

Describing the war in Ha Manh exile between Truong – Ma, “The Three Kingdoms of Literature” wrote:

“Originally, Ma Sieu found himself unable to fight Zhang Fei, pretending to lose and running, tricking him to chase him. Super held a copper mace in his hand, turned and aimed at the center of Truong Phi’s face.

Since then it can be seen, Ma Sieu had to resort to miasma, commenting on the atmosphere, then lost to Truong Phi a country.

At this moment, Truong Phi dodged to the side, successfully avoiding a dangerous blow from the opponent.

Afterwards, the tiger general turned his horse and Ma Sieu immediately chased him. Zhang Fei then quickly took the horse and took the bow and arrow, turned and shot a nose.

Although Ma Sieu then avoided the other arrow, the selection of this weapon showed the full difference in the intellect of these two characters during the fight.

Because, the field of Ma Sieu field when used will be limited in speed and quantity, performance and damage will not be equal to the arrows fired by Truong Phi.

Talking about the atmosphere, Truong Phi, once avoiding the danger, will think Ma Sieu is weaker than himself, from which the atmosphere will increase. Therefore, the general Ma will probably fall into a low-key position, even mortally wounded or killed if fighting to the end.

If Truong Phi Ma Sieu fight to the end who will win | Manga/Film

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If the history is not considered and only comments within the scope of “Three Kingdoms mean”, it is not difficult to realize that Ma Sieu is an undisputed tiger. He even made a famous hero like Cao Cao cut his beard and throw his shirt to run away.

Not only possessing both reputation and strength, this Ma-generals also carries many generations of servants. Therefore, Ma Manh Khoi once and for all could not underestimate an “idyllic” man like Truong Phi.

However, if analyzing the analysis from the three aspects mentioned above, the Qulishi page came to a conclusion: At the battle before Ha Manh, the ending of the reconciliation started from the love of talents of Khong Minh. , Liu Bei, and when fighting to the end, the fact that Ma Sieu must receive a defeat is very likely to occur.

Of course, this judgment can only be considered as a hypothesis, because the historical fact as well as the evolutions of the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” then gave Ma Sieu and Truong Phi the chance to fight. same to compare high and low.

Therefore, who is the “one” in the battle in Hai Manh Ha depend more or less depends on the senses as well as the emotions of the readers for each character.

* From Qulishi’s point of view

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