If there’s no Epic Games VI Civilization VI, why not give DayZ a try on Steam?

After free GTA V, Civilization VI is the next name given to the gaming community by Epic Games Store.

Although this is a top AAA blockbuster game, Civilization VI’s strategy-oriented play makes many gamers not easy to get used to. If you are one of them, do not be in a hurry because Steam is also available for free on DayZ this weekend. Compared to Civilization VI, this zombie shooting game is easier to play and much more entertaining.

In the world of DayZ, your goal is to try to survive by finding yourself food, weapons, shelter and fighting against those who want to take your life. However, unlike other post-apocalyptic games, DayZ always emphasizes human-to-human interaction rather than human-to-zombie war. This makes gamers experience more clearly the disappearance of moral standards in society when the Zombie pandemic broke out.

DayZ brings a quite realistic experience for players about a battle of survival when you can freely explore the world around them. The health bars and health bars of traditional first-person games have been removed. Instead, the game will only give the player the status of the character through “babble” statements like “My stomach is starting to boil”, “Why am I so nauseous” … Or even when injured, you will slowly lose blood without any warning at all, all you get is just a grumble sentence “My blood is bleeding all wet shirt …”

In this battle of survival, there won’t be any game music, all the ambient sound is brought in for one purpose only, to create a sense of fear for the player. Do not expect to find safe places when the houses that seem to be clean and normal are the most dangerous places and can take your character’s life at any time.

The number of zombies in DayZ is not much, so you can run around for an hour without encountering a single Zombie. But all of a sudden, you can meet them hiding behind a certain door or lurking hidden behind the forests. How to build a deserted world like this makes DayZ feel more genuine instead of pushing players into an endless battle with Zombie army as large as the population in New York.

If there s no Epic Games VI Civilization VI why not give DayZ a try on Steam | PC/Console

However, as mentioned above, zombies are not the most feared thing in this world because they are nonetheless stupid creatures, acting instinctively and easily destroyed with a single weapon. rude gas, for example, you only need an ax, that’s more than enough. What players have to be most cautious of in the game is the presence of other players.

Sometimes you can meet nice people but you can also immediately trick you into the sniper’s range. Or there are those who try to be friendly, approach you and then immediately attack you with an ax hidden just because he wants to steal … the outer coat that you are wearing. So DayZ values ​​the cleverness of interacting with other players and gives gamers extremely new experiences.

To download DayZ for free, you can visit here.

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