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If the world of Pokemon without humans, what would it be like?

In the world of Pokemon species, of course Pokemon species are the center of the world. They play an important role in building the natural world as well as the human world. However, Humans also make up an important part. As long as humans disappear from Earth, there will be many major changes in the story line and habitat of Pokemon species. So here, which Pokemon will suffer the most damage?

First, we can mention the Gardevoir species. They will quickly become extinct, because they are born with the sole purpose of protecting their owners. If they do not have and no one to protect, they will quickly leave because life has lost the main thought and goal. Besides, Lucario also quickly fell into a state of being unable to survive, although they were not like Gardevoir, but they exist in the world because of their interaction with Pokemon trainers.

In addition, Ghost-type Pokemon that rely on human hosts like Drifloon, Drifblim and Duskull will also disappear from life. In addition, there will undoubtedly be a large number of Pokemon living based on human existence and human surroundings such as Raticate, Muk, Dustox and Weezing will also be seriously affected. They can completely disappear, because the human world is the place where they can survive, but these Pokemon can hardly exist in the natural world.

If the world of Pokemon without humans what would it be like | Khám phá

In addition to regular Pokemon, the disappearance of humans will certainly create a significant influence in the story or history of the Pokemon world. Interestingly enough, without humans, there would be no major battles for the Pokemon world.

Specifically, the battle between Groudon and Kyogre will probably never be restarted, because they will never be awakened by Team Magma or Team Aqua and will permanently hibernate. The same is true for Giratina, it will remain permanently locked in a chaotic world. Neither is Necrozma a threat, because no one affects it. Even the trio of Pokemon Regi in the Hoenn region will fall asleep.

If the world of Pokemon without humans what would it be like | Khám phá

On the other hand, Yveltal also suffered a little damage when it no longer had the main food source of spiritual energy coming from humans, but it would be okay anyway. Mewtwo will probably not exist because no one created it, but if it exists, it will live happily in Cerulean cave and not be disturbed by anyone. Perhaps, the biggest damage of the Pokemon world without people right now is Deoxys, because no one is against it, so it must be very late for Rayquaza to realize the invasion of this Pokemon.

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