If Superman fought Marvel’s Hyperion, who would win?

Superman is widely considered to be one of the most inspired characters both in the comics and on screen, from Fawcett Comics’ Captain Marvel (now DC’s Shazam) to Homelander in The Boys, seemingly every universe. all have their own characters with similarities to Man of Steel.

But according to many people, the Marvel superhero with many similarities with Superman is Hyperion, so if the DC and Marvel universes have a conflict, these two characters are forced to become rivals in the match. Who will be the winner?

If Superman fought Marvel s Hyperion who would win | Live

Superman’s plot is actually considered quite common knowledge at this point – to avoid destruction in his homeland, Superman’s father sent him to Earth. Thanks to the Earth’s atmosphere and the golden sun, Superman has developed abilities that make him one of the most powerful superheroes on the planet. In the Marvel universe, Hyperion’s origin story compared to Superman is quite similar, but there are a few differences. Hyperion is also sent from an impending world to Earth in a spaceship when he was just a child, but depending on the plot, the character’s life becomes different. In J. Michael Straczynski’s “Supreme Power” series, Hyperion’s spaceship is found by the US government, which nurtured him to become a secret agent. The harsh upbringing has made the character a completely different version of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers version, where Hyperion was raised by a father similar to Pa Kent.

If Superman fought Marvel s Hyperion who would win | Live

One of Superman’s famous powers is his laser eyes that can cut or weld any metal. Because of this, most of the patterns that follow him have an almost similar form of vision, and for Hyperion it is atomic vision. Marcus’s vision absorbs energy so strongly that the temperature from the beam can reach 6500 degrees Celsius.

But no matter the plot, Hyperion’s powers remain unchanged and they are essentially the same as Superman. Both superheroes of the two universes have superpowers, speed, endurance, flying ability, thermal vision, and enhanced senses.

While Kal-El gains his ability from yellow sunlight, Hyperion is powered by cosmic radiation. As long as they have their respective energies, Hyperion and Superman won’t need sleep, food or even air. The two also showed off their extraordinary powers in “Hickman’s run”, with Hyperion briefly being able to keep the two universes bare-handed and in “Superman: Man of Tomorrow # 12”. Given all their similarities, it seems that this competition cannot be resolved by comparing the abilities of Superman and Hyperion, but how they use them in a fight.

If Superman fought Marvel s Hyperion who would win | Live

Like Superman, Hyperion can see beyond ordinary people – with greater depth. As he concentrates, Marcus can see through objects, observe objects under microscopic view, and see electromagnetic fields. Hyperion can even see DNA with his own eyes! One thing Superman can’t see is the lead-wrapped objects. Hyperion seems unaffected by this, and he can see through every matter he meets.

As mentioned, several different versions of Hyperion have appeared in the Marvel universe over the years, but even the one raised with a father like Pa Kent, Hyperion is much more brutal than Big. DC’s Blue Boy Scout.

Hyperion wouldn’t feel any remorse for murder when deemed necessary, like when he beheaded Namor and destroyed the entire city of Atlantis. Superman often avoids killing his enemies and tends to hold out in a fight – at least until he is sure that his opponent can take it down.

Superman will likely show some restraint at first while fighting to figure out his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, and that moment of hesitation may be enough for Hyperion to dominate if these two characters go head to head. together.

There are, of course, darker versions of Superman, too, that will be ready to kill without a bit of hesitation, like the one in Injustice. But in reality, that version of Man of Steel is only trading the impediment of moral constraints for mental instability, so Hyperion can still win.

The goal of both Hyperion and Superman is to protect humanity. Because of that, the two are more likely to become allies than enemies, but if a fight cannot be avoided, Hyperion will have a bit of an advantage thanks to its more “stable” ruthlessness. However, in reality, the battle of these two superheroes can be irresistible.

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