If Mount Everest becomes the largest super volcano in the world, what will we do to prevent disaster?

Located between the border between Nepal and Tibet in the Himalayas – the roof of the world, Mount Everest is named after Sir George Everest, the leader of this peak survey team in 1841. With an altitude of 8848 meters above the water surface Sea, this figure of Mount Everest was measured by the Indian team in 1955, and is used as the official height by both the Nepalese and Chinese governments to this day.

Research from some scientists showed that Mount Everest “born” from 50 to 60 million years old, still “quite young” compared to other peaks. Accordingly, the Hymalaya mountain range in Asia, including Mount Everest formed by the collision of two continental plates of Indo and Eurasia, caused the rocky parts to be pushed up to create the highest peak on earth. Notably, Mount Everest is also considered the “death land” of climbers, with more than 300 people lost their lives in the process of conquering the roof of the world.

However, what if we take the difficulty one step up, making Mount Everest even more dangerous? Imagine, this majestic and peaceful mountain peak “suddenly” turned into a super volcano ready to erupt?

Please watch the video Việt Hóa: What will happen if Mount Everest turns into the most dangerous super volcano ready to erupt?

What if Mount Everest was a volcano about to erupt?

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