I wonder if the fans are still crazy, but Joaquin Phoenix is ​​fed up with the Joker

Joker Considered one of the most successful film productions in 2019, bringing a new face to the superhero movie line in general, and DC films in particular. Since its global premiere in October 2019, the name Joker has been constantly mentioned on the pages, forums, large and small. Not only professionals, but the majority of the audience in general have very positive feelings about this blockbuster – one of the most formidable opponents for the upcoming Oscar 2020 gold statue.

Attraction of Joker so big that even after more than 3 months have passed, fans are constantly talking about this movie, with dozens of hypotheses surrounding the content as well as the vague, twisted brain. But Joaquin Phoenix, who excelled in portraying the image of the Crazy Clown, is at the exact opposite: He was fed up with the questions surrounding him. Joker already! Over the past few months, he kept answering the same questions over and over, coming from relatives, friends and fans.

Fans are naturally glad that any actor is happy, but Joaquin is really tired of the scene of having to answer and answer the Joker questions.

Recently, in the interview after receiving the Golden Globe Award 2020 for Best Male Drama, when the reporter asked him how he prepared for the Joker role, Joaquin said: “Looks like this question is a bit outdated, man! I remember having explained this problem continuously for the past 6 months. Or do you want to hear another version of my answer? Should I edit some words to make it different? What should I do?

Although a bit uncomfortable, but after that Joaquin still proved professional and answered questions of the press: “Preparing for the role of Joker is a really long process. I personally find myself working without any process. I approached the role quite improvised. I was especially curious about the disease and the drugs that Joker used in the film – an important cause that makes this clown skinny as you see on the big screen”.

I didn’t know this until I delved into the drugs my character used. And so I started from there, with a strict diet. I also spend a lot of time reading books, articles on patients with Arthur-like symptoms, researching on them, inspired by them to be able to play best. However, I will not share their identities”.

There are many other stories, but I can’t remember them temporarily. However, I feel that I have answered this question about 6 months ago”.

I wonder if the fans are still crazy but Joaquin Phoenix is fed up with the Joker | Live

The story Joaquin has prepared for the role of Joker has been constantly mentioned for months, to connect the actor who is no longer eager to answer.

In addition to the Best Male Actress award for Joaquin Phoenix, Joker also received the Best Soundtrack Award at the Golden Globe 2020, while losing the remaining 2 awards, Best Director / Movie 1917 directed by Sam Mendes. Earlier at the Venice Film Festival, Joker also won the Golden Lion convincingly, the audience applauded enthusiastically for 8 minutes after the film first aired. Recently, the list of nominees for the 2020 BAFTA has also been officially revealed, and Joker continue to show their hegemony when appearing in 11 categories, large and small.

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