‘I don’t feel happy being a YouTuber’ – the cost of being famous on social media

The famous YouTuber Indonesia was born in 1994 with videos showing off a life of luxury with luxury brands, luxury cars, and magnificent villas is always the focus of attention on social networks. According to SCMP, in 2019, Atta Halilintar became the first Southeast Asian to have a channel of 10 million subscribers.

Currently, he owns a personal YouTube channel with 25.5 million followers. Halilintar is also known as an extremely “liberal” person when randomly giving strangers valuable gifts such as a house to channel subscribers or an expensive item to the guard.

In addition, he is also a brand ambassador for major companies such as telecommunications company Smartfren or Pokemon Company of Japan. Therefore, the influence of Halilintar on the people of thousands of islands is extremely great, every move of this YouTube star moves most of the time, netizens are interested in from constantly changing hair color. His relationship with fiancée Aurel Hermansyah – the daughter of Indonesia’s second largest music producer.

However, recently, Halilintar said that his popularity makes him always feel pressure. He cannot express what he wants on social media: he cannot be too serious or show himself to have a lot of knowledge, he must become the image of a cheerful and entertaining person. Therefore, he always “headache” when thinking about the upcoming content he will present to viewers.

 I don t feel happy being a YouTuber the cost of being famous on social media | Internet

One major disadvantage that Halilintar revealed: “If I cry, I will be criticized for being weak. If I say I’m tired, I will be judged as disrespecting to the viewers. And if I express happiness, people say I’m overbearing. ”

The idea of ​​standing at No. 1 will help me be happy, but the 26-year-old YouTuber thinks that he must carry too much pressure when he always has to appear to be an extremely perfect person in public. He cannot express his feelings like a normal person. And many times, he thought of celebrities who had chosen to commit suicide to free themselves …

 I don t feel happy being a YouTuber the cost of being famous on social media | Internet

However, up to now, Halilintar is still trying to balance his life and he finds it a great blessing for himself. From a camera costing 600,000 rupiah (about $ 40), smartphone and computer borrowed from friends, content creation is now Halilintar’s official job.

In fact, before becoming a YouTuber, he had his own business, including several pastry shops, fashion brand AHHA and hijab brand (headscarf of Muslim women). According to Cosmopolitan, Halilintar still sees the videos only as advertising tools for his business.

Besides, Halilintar is quite successful in the entertainment field. He has acted with movie stars and rapped with famous musicians.

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