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Husband blames cats for condom making his wife pregnant

Loving you is generally considered a source of joy for humans. However, they are sometimes terribly destructive.

Reddit user @ Playtonic1 recounted: After having his first child, he did not want his wife to conceive while the Covid-19 epidemic was still raging. One was because he loved his wife, and the other gave her time to “recover” after 9 months of 10 days of heavy labor.

However, the humane plan of the couple broke down because of a … cat.

This is the cat

“My orange cat is a sly bastard who is younger than 1 year old and wisely not able to leave it at all. No door, crate or cage can stop him. Once he wants what he wants, he will go looking FOR That’s OK “.

“In the first few weeks after adoption, every morning the boxes in the house were flipped open,” @ Playtonic1 share.

And while the couple was at home avoiding them, they decided to switch to condoms because the birth control pill made her sister’s nausea.

Contraception is nothing to say, but the place where @ Playtonic1 stores them makes things fall apart.

“I put a condom in a cotton cupboard to pick up my ears, this is where cats often come in to bite things.”

And rightly so, after a cat bitten the entire drawer above, @ Playtonic1 filtered out a few condoms in the mess and stored them for later to save fees without even checking.

Husband blames cats for condom making his wife pregnant | Khám phá

On that very night, @ Playtonic1 and his wife had romantic moments.

“I just remember rushing into the dark bathroom, opening the closet to get a condom to keep up with the …”

And a few weeks later, the wife of @ Playtonic1 panicked and told her husband that she was … off. The couple hurriedly used the test strips from the previous pregnancy and all had 2 bars.

It is not clear whether the cat punctured the condom or the manufacturer’s fault, but for sure: The couple @ Playtonic1 will have many interesting stories to tell about the future child.

According to Reddit

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