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Huong Giang said she doesn’t like Bao Thy at all because Miss Audition has seduced her “crush”

Yesterday, one of the memories of so many Vietnamese gamers was Audition Officially say goodbye home country players. Considered as one of the legends and monuments of the Vietnamese game village, the game has witnessed many ups and downs of the market that has closed its 14-year journey.

VTC Game only announced one brief status line but makes players feel choked and excited “” Hold the No. 1 spot in the Casual dancing game line during the past 14 years; Audition has always accompanied the city dancers, enough for online emotions to sublimate in real life, enough for strangers to become close as a family, and also enough for many couples from dancing partners. in the virtual world turns into real-life love.

The human ecology, having a beginning, will also have an end. Up to now, the copyright owner Game Audition has rejected VTC Game’s efforts to continue releasing Audition. So we regret to announce: “Stop releasing game Audition in the Vietnamese market “…

Speaking of Audition, it is impossible not to mention Miss Audition and if it comes to Miss Audition, it is certainly impossible not to mention Bao Thy, a face that is said to represent hot girls emerged and then flashes to become a star. Emily, Quynh Nga, Van Navy also thanks to Miss Audition’s pedestal to have a position like today in the hearts of the audience.

Huong Giang said she doesn t like Bao Thy at all because Miss Audition has seduced her crush | Mobile & Social

Recently, in the program The First Song aired on VTV3, Bao Thy revealed to the audience The level of sand pay that female singer This is received after stepping out from Miss Audition. At a time 14 years ago, the number of 15 million according to what Bao Thy “confessed” really made two MCs of the show, Anh Tuan and Huong Giang, surprised. Because, in 2006, this is the level of sand that is considered to be quite large.

Also in this program, MC Huong Giang also confessed each Don’t like Bao Thy a bit. The reason given by this female MC was because Bao Thy was too pretty at that time, and all the boys in the school whose “crush” Huong Giang just wished for his lover was “Bao Thy”. Huong Giang also confessed that she felt jealous of Miss Audition’s beauty at that time.

Huong Giang said she doesn t like Bao Thy at all because Miss Audition has seduced her crush | Mobile & Social

Now, all are just memories, a perhaps beautiful memory in many people’s hearts because Audition has always been there as a testament to many ups and downs, events and changes of the Vietnamese game market and contributes Part makes a shape and appearance for the home game village like today. Say goodbye to one of the monuments of childhood with many gamers, goodbye to a title game “keyboard killer” which day.

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