Hunting year-end sales, beware of financial scams

The end of the year is always a golden time for people, home hunting sales, “closing orders” for items that have long been satisfied with “bargain” prices. This year due to the complicated situation of Covid-19, discount deals were gradually moved to online form. From Black Friday discounts, December 12 sales, Christmas deals,… to New Year promotions, all are updated on e-commerce platforms, or genuine purchase website systems. All these promotions increase the demand for online shopping and payment. Taking advantage of the increased shopping demand of consumers, scams appear more and more sophisticated, causing unnecessary financial risks for customers.

The end of the year is always a golden time for people and families to hunt for sales and “close orders”.

Scam tactics are getting more and more sophisticated

The tactics of fraud and appropriation of assets through accounts and cards are always clearly indicated by the authorities and banks and warned to prevent. However, recently, when customers’ shopping habits and transaction trends change, fraudsters are constantly changing, applying new tactics so that victims can’t take precautions, easily. trap trap.

Typically, taking advantage of the increased demand for online shopping during the outbreak, some subjects created fake websites for e-commerce platforms in Vietnam, linking online payments with banks. row. Scammers will send links to access these fake websites via SMS, email, etc. or make phone calls to instruct customers to transact. After this step, account information, login password, OTP code will be stolen to make a transaction to appropriate customer’s money in the account.

Hunting year end sales beware of financial scams | Living

Bank accounts with high security are always the top priority of users

In addition, there is a form of impersonating a bank employee to call users with the reason of checking customer balances and transactions. After reading the customer’s name and the first 6 numbers of the ATM card, the scammer will ask the customer to read the rest of the number to confirm the cardholder. In the next step, the subject will notify the bank to send the message and ask the customer to read the 6-digit code in the message. However, this is essentially an OTP to make online transactions, if customers follow the request, they will lose money in the account immediately.

Before sophisticated frauds, most banks have security measures to protect payment accounts for customers. Most recently, a bank also announced that it would pay up to 100 million dong if its customers faced financial risks.

Have a green check, don’t worry about “hacking” your account

From November 4, 2021, when spending reaches 10 million with MBBank’s debit and credit cards, customers will be “protected” by the bank with a green check certificate bearing the symbol “Loss of money – MB compensates”. Once you have a MBBank green card, your card and account will be kept confidential and ensure absolute transaction safety.

In the past, customers were always afraid and wary of scams such as: revealing personal information, losing money from payment accounts or credit cards; transferring money from a card or account to an account of a fake third party,… now, users can shop and transact with peace of mind because MBBank reimburses up to 100 million VND in advance of losses. network security.

Hunting year end sales beware of financial scams | Living

MB also affirms that it will quickly support customers in cases of risk. Users only need to contact MB24/7 switchboard within 24 hours, MB will record, support customers to handle problems and pay customers within 15 days.

Currently, MB’s green credit has appeared on the MBBank App of customers who have accumulated spending over 10 million VND and received a lot of attention. In addition, the MBBank App Super App also allows customers to easily create and choose a bank account number of their choice, and at the same time open an international payment card by themselves right on the MBBank App to spend and shop. With both optimal account protection and many utilities, MBBank App deserves to be one of the national applications that anyone should own.

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