Hulk can jump so high that the artist himself mistakenly thought he could fly

Hulk is one of the superheroes possessing the most superpowers in the Marvel universe. His ferocious appearance with muscular muscles allowed the Blue Giant to easily lift millions of tons of objects. His tough skin is almost impenetrable, and if anything, his ability and speed to heal himself from wounds is truly remarkable. In addition to his physical strength, the Hulk also has a number of supernormal abilities that few people know, such as breathing underwater, seeing his soul and jumping so strong as if he was flying.

The Hulk’s jumping ability is so impressive that even illustrator Jack Kirby mistakenly thinks the Blue Giant really can fly like many other superheroes. In the book The Incredible Hulk # 3, readers have admired the great ability to fight in the air that is not inferior to the DC home’s Superman. This is clearly shown through the lines of a supporting character: “Look!! Nothing can stop him (Hulk) anymore. He can fly !!

The Hulk’s super jump deceived both fans and illustrators, which is why this story page is drawn as if he were flying.

In order to fully understand this detail, readers need to know that the Hulk’s original series (consisting of only 6 volumes) was just a small experiment, like another version of the green giant led by Stan Lee. and artist Jack Kirby created. Most hardcore Marvel fans know that in the beginning, Hulk possessed gray skin and automatically transformed at midnight, instead of when Bruce Banner became angry and unable to control his emotions.

However, in the following episodes, the Hulk has more and more changes, and almost becomes a completely different character in every episode. In his second appearance, the new Hulk begins to have a characteristic blue skin. His intelligence also increases and decreases with each version, and sometimes he needs to use gamma rays to transform. In addition, the Hulk also comes equipped with a lot of new supernatural abilities that have been almost completely removed later.

In the beginning of The Incredible Hulk # 3, Banner locked himself in a prison deep in a cave. Rick Jones, a friend of mine, will have the duty to carefully lock the door every night when he transforms into the Hulk, and release him the next morning after he has returned to his human form. However, the military secretly watched the duo and arrested Jones after he locked the door of Hulk’s cell. Although he didn’t want to sell off his friend, Jones eventually changed his mind when he heard General “Thunderbolt” Ross explained that the army needed the Green Giant to test a new missile for the sake of national security. .

Not realizing any pitfalls, Jones agrees to release the Hulk and lures him to the missile site. Fortunately for Jones, the Hulk is strong, but slow. This allows him to fool his friend and help the army successfully launch the Hulk into space. This rocket flew straight into the space containing more terrible radiation, completely changing Banner’s body and physiology.

Hulk can jump so high that the artist himself mistakenly thought he could fly | Live

The Hulk has gone through many experimental versions, equipped and lost many different supernormal capabilities.

At this point, Jones realized he had been deceived, and the real goal of the army was to destroy the Hulk. Outraged, he immediately took control of the missile in the hopes of bringing his friend back. However, the rocket when returning to Earth carried a huge amount of radiant energy. Even more surprising, Hulk peacefully stepped out of the wreckage, at the same time maintaining his gigantic appearance even though it was day. At this point, Jones can control the Hulk with his mind thanks to the strange radiation that the missile brings.

Besides, after absorbing more cosmic radiation, the Hulk is no longer sluggish, and can even jump vigorously, both tall and far away. Stan Lee described Hulk’s jumps with rhymes like “swing one, he was able to climb to the top of the tallest building in the world” – a typical comparison to DC’s Superman. The funny thing is that even though Stan Lee’s idea is, all the characters, from Rick Jones to the army, mistakenly think Hulk can fly. Jones even thought he had to control the Blue Giant. can land (but actually it is the work of Earth’s gravity).

Not only the characters in the story, but also artist Jack Kirby misunderstood the idea of ​​his close partner. In the last three parts of the story, Kirby illustrated the Hulk as a real flying mutant, with his arms outstretched like Superman and the ability to change direction while in mid-air or even flying straight. towards the sun. This makes readers also misunderstood about the character’s ability to “go cloudy about the wind”.

Hulk can jump so high that the artist himself mistakenly thought he could fly | Live

Misinterpreting writer Stan Lee’s ideas, artist Jack Kirby illustrated it as if the Hulk really could fly.

A strange coincidence is that DC’s Superman is also described as a “superman with the ability to jump on top of tall buildings with just one turn”, and is then gradually upgraded to the ability to hover over Unfortunately, Marvel did not exploit Hullk in a similar direction, but only stopped at jumps beyond the ability of the average person.This has been clearly shown in the Avengers movies where Marvel Studios launched over a decade ago.

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