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Huawei is willing to pay billions to lay off 7000 employees: The era of abandoning you, even a goodbye will not say


What you consider “safe” is overdrawing your chances

Some time ago, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei announced employee cuts.

He decided to lay off about 7,000 employees even though he had to pay 1 billion yuan in compensation.

Many people do not understand why he accepted to spend such a large amount of money to do this?

Talking about this issue, Nham Chinh Phi emphasized:

“For a company that wants to continue to develop in the long term, the employees in the company are not too comfortable, if the working atmosphere in the company will become very lazy, then lose their idea In this era of rapid development, without competitiveness, it is very easy to be rejected by society. ”

Turns out, the 7,000 employees fired are too “comfortable”.

If they keep them, Huawei will not have to lose 1 billion yuan, but the future will be because of their “comfort” that an entire corporation could lose more than 1 billion yuan.

Actually, this is not the first time Huawei has fired employees because they are too comfortable.

In 2017, Huawei started to focus on purging the employees over 34 years old.

Information has just been released, many people have said that Huawei’s treatment of its employees is somewhat strict.

In this regard, Ren Zhengfei explained, Huawei wants to fire employees who “do not work hard, do not want to work, just like to lie in bed to count money.”

Others at the age of 30 are constantly researching and making efforts; If you are in your 30s, it’s okay to live a day-to-day life, so your ending can only be two words “fired”.

It is like someone once said, “You can pity yourself, you may not surrender, but you are fired.”

Some time ago, there was an article sharing the story of a middle-aged man with the title: “Memories of a loser: One year ago I paid a salary of tens of millions, was called X total by others, I am going now. food delivery “.

The main character of the post is “a 35 year old man”.

One year ago, he was called X total by others, his salary was not meager, but the company suddenly went bankrupt, himself was also unemployed.

Although I frantically submitted my CV every day, then went to find all kinds of relationships, but in the end it still did not show results, just went to deliver food.

Up to working hours has been 1 year, also seen as a “silk steering wheel” in the company.

We all assume that the company’s high-ranking people, even if the company collapses, they still have the power to start over.

No way, a person with a glorious CV can only deliver fast food after the company goes bankrupt.

Neither does his CV mention possibilities that he has improved on at work or new skills he has learned during his previous job.

Someone said that maybe after he reached the position of X total, he felt that his life was a victory, and there was no need to work hard to absorb anything.

After all, no career can last for a long time, the new capacity is the rice bowl of iron in this era.

Don’t be tied down by the so-called “stability”, there are very few jobs that can be done in a long time, there are very few companies that can survive forever, only one bowl of iron rice is extremely good. concentration, that is capacity

People with bravery, wherever they go, have meals, incompetent people, can only open their eyes to admire others.

Many people, after graduating, live the morning at 8 o’clock, leave at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, do not study during the day, and surf the phone at night.

All the learned knowledge has been forgotten, and professional skills have not improved.

Gradually, this ordinary life became ordinary, and he himself was helpless to escape.

Just like the frog in a pot of warm water, when an event struck, I realized I should have jumped in the first place.

And the reason for this is largely due to the initial choice, coming from the fact that when we should be striving for a comfortable choice, we seem to be benefiting, but actually because yet lose his most precious youth.

Like Stefan Zweig said: “All gifts given by fate have been silently priced.”

And the cost of stability is often the most expensive.


There are people who go to sleep and think that the whole world is dreaming like me, only to wake up to find out, people who are always running hard early have changed their world long ago.

This era changed so fast, everything changed seemed to be only in 10 short years:

By buying and selling online, people become lazy and don’t want to buy directly.

With Grab, people don’t have to stand by the side of the road to wait for a taxi.

There is a network and a smart phone, only my grandfather is watching TV.

There are zalo, messenger … phone money a month is not enough.

There are Zalopay, Vnpay … go shopping without even bringing cash or bank card.

Someone has said: “This era has dropped you, even a goodbye will not tell you.”

In fact, before the times passed, perhaps it also used to sound, winked at you several times, only a few people, some businesses could not see or pretend not to see. .

Times will eliminate those who only know how to stamp their feet, because “if you do not go forward, you will have to back down”; same era, but society will only reward those who catch it, because “everything has a price” of it!

Big waves that blow sandbanks are inevitable for everyone, without the courage to adapt to the changes, we will really drown when the next tide hits.

Huawei is willing to pay billions to lay off 7000 employees The era of abandoning you even a goodbye will not say | ICT News


Kazuo Inamori once said, “The so-called human life is, after all, just an instant, the accumulation does not cease every moment.”

If you are aware of your problem, then promptly stop it and go to resolve it.

If you regret your wasted youth, then starting today, cherish your time.

If in the past we did not seriously accumulate, then starting now, start a little earlier.

Someone online asked me: I like to learn computer programming, but I’m afraid I’m 39 years old and I don’t know if I can study anymore.

Someone replied:

“If you start studying now, after 1 year, you will become a junior programmer.

But if you don’t start school now, then in a year you will still be a middle-aged 40 year old person who knows nothing. ”

Saying so much, in short, this era is indeed becoming more and more brutal.

In the past, everyone said, human life is a marathon, it’s okay to run slowly, what’s important is okay and sure.

This saying is no longer relevant in modern society, because if you do not give your best, then you are most likely to be kicked off the board at any time.

The previous half of the race was not risking, the second half of the track was afraid that it would not even exist.

More frightening is:

No one tells you that the race is over early, until one day, when you get to the finish line, do you find out, someone else soon celebrates the end of the race long ago.

Huawei is willing to pay billions to lay off 7000 employees The era of abandoning you even a goodbye will not say | ICT News

Former US President Lincoln once said: “The best way to predict the future is to create the future.”

Yes, this era does not exist so-called “stable”, does not respect and retain useless people, but at the same time is also an age that offers many new opportunities for the most ordinary people.

A new intention, a new product, also has the power to change a society.

Therefore, this is the most fierce era, also the most glorious one, it robs the future of those who do not have the will, but at the same time also gives to those who have independent thinking and effort wholeheartedly countless new opportunities.

Who you were in the past, was determined by the times. Who you are today is up to you to decide.

Someone said, the best time to plant a cherry tree is 10 years ago.

Tilling, weeding, flowering, fruitful, harvest, need a long time tending, watering.

Currently, someone is taking care, someone is harvesting.

So don’t be discouraged, the best time to plant a cherry tree is 10 years ago, the second best time is now.

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