How will the iPhone stolen during the riots in the US?

When anti-racist protests took place across the United States. A number of components have taken advantage of the protests to riot, smash, pillage many stores including Apple.

Camera footage showing an Apple Store being banged on a door and then stealing a product

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a message to his employees as the protests escalated. He encouraged his staff, condemned looting and criticized racism in the country.

Many questions whether Apple will damage how many products are robbed in the store? And this time, Apple has a higher hand, the stolen iPhone not only can not be used but also the device to track the location of the thieves.

Posts show that Apple locked the stolen products and only showed up a message telling people who have them to return to the Apple store: “This device has been disabled and is being monitored. Local rights will be reported information. ”

How will the iPhone stolen during the riots in the US | Mobile

Images of an iPhone stolen from the Apple Store. The device is locked and only displays the message

This is not a joke from Apple, using the Find My feature available to all users of Apple products such as iPhone, Mac or Apple Watch. The company can track and locate the device and even delete data remotely on the phone.

Apple and many companies are now taking action to protect their employees and prevent further damage.

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