How will Morbius’s power on screen be compared to Venom and Spider-Man?

The next big addition to the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters is Michael Morbius, the first vampire in this interconnected universe, so what powers the character has and what those powers will look like compared to. Venom and Spider-Man?

Like Venom, Morbius is categorized as a half-evil half-protagonist, unable to really confirm whether he is a good person or a bad guy. But unlike monsters from aliens, Morbius is closely related to Spider-Man of the MCU.

Sony’s universe of Marvel characters began to be added in 2018 with Venom, and provided the opportunity for Eddie Brock and the symbiote to appear after a bad big-screen debut in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. 2007. At the same time Venom also paved the way for other characters to appear on the big screen.

Simply titled Morbius, this film will tell the origin story of Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), a scientist with a strange blood disease who finds a cure for the disease through his DNA. bats.

Although this method seemed to cure his illness, its side effect was turning him into a vampire, from which Morbius gradually developed unusual traits and abilities, along with his mutations in appearance as well as decline in mental health.

Morbius differs from other characters in the cinematic universe of Sony and Marvel, but what is his strength and how do they compare him to two other characters in Sony’s universe: Venom and Spider- Man?

How will Morbius s power on screen be compared to Venom and Spider Man | Live

In painting, Dr. Michael Morbius is a genius scientist born in Greece, who won the Nobel Prize in biology. He suffers from debilitating disease and has developed a cure for vampire bat himself and electric shock. Although he was cured, this experiment turned him into a vampire, and was forced to suck blood in order to maintain his life, and he also had the traits of a vampire like his sensitivity to sunlight. , super strength, super speed and super rebound, and the ability to fly. His appearance also changed: having long fangs, flat nose for a more bat-like face, his skin also became pale. In addition, the victims bitten by him will turn into vampires. Immediately after his transformation, he killed his assistant.

Morbius is one of many films affected by the coronavirus epidemic, and so information about the movie and character is still revealed only in the teaser trailer and through fan accounts. In the trailer, Morbius mentions a number of abilities like increased strength and speed, the ability to locate by echo, and the “hunger for blood in hunger”. In the comics, in addition to these powers, Morbius also developed vision that could see at night, the ability to hypnotize less-willed creatures as well as the ability to recover at high speed, wear Although this character is also sensitive to sunlight, Morbius does not possess the weaknesses and limitations of traditional vampires.

How will Morbius s power on screen be compared to Venom and Spider Man | Live

Michael Morbius was created by two authors Roy Thomas and Gil Kane in 1971. In the original comic book, this character is a villain and enemy of Peter Parker.

While Morbius’s powers make him a threat, what about compared to Venom? Sony’s Venom has superhuman strength, endurance, agility, and the ability to quickly recover and move on walls. On his side, Morbius on the big screen could have similar powers, and through a number of videos that have now been removed showing the character can also jump from building to building. and stick on the wall. However, Venom can also expand its tentacles and tentacles allowing Eddie to take down enemies and form a shield, something Morbius certainly can’t do.

How will Morbius s power on screen be compared to Venom and Spider Man | Live

Spider-Man also has superhuman strength, stamina, and agility, but he also possesses enhanced senses (including spider-man senses), resilience, and can also crawl on walls. Spider-Man and Morbius have many similarities, and depending on the context of the war, Morbius may have the upper hand thanks to his night vision and echolocation.

And in fact, when appearing on the big screen, if Morbius fought Venom and Spider-Man at some point, it would be difficult to choose the winner because they have similar abilities and powers. . But all are still predictions, the answer can only be confirmed with the most clarity when this film officially premiered on March 19, 2021.

How will Morbius s power on screen be compared to Venom and Spider Man | Live

The release of a Morbius character film seems like a very risky move for Sony, and even when the trailer is released, fans are still skeptical about the quality of the movie, as well as his role in Sony’s universe of super villains.

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