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How to remove Adobe Flash. Why Flash was killed by Adobe?

Adobe Flash Player (or Flash for short) is a compute program provided by Adobe System, which is also well known for making software. Photoshop and a variety of other famous software.

Back to Flash, it uses Vector graphics and point graphics with ActionScript language to convey audio and video streams on web pages.

When using Flash graphics files and animations are quite small in size, it is very suitable for the era of slow Internet when many people use it. As a result, Flash has grown dramatically between 2000 and 2010.

It is somewhat confusing when the name Flash is used to refer to the program that creates Flash files (* .swf) and is also used to refer to the application that is responsible for executing or displaying those Flash files.

Although Flash has many such functions, but every game comes to an end, Adobe Flash Player is now out of land. And…

After December 31, 2020, Adobe will no longer support Flash Player, so Adobe will also block Flash content from running in Flash Player as of January 12, 2021.

=> So Adobe advises all users to immediately uninstall Flash Player to help protect the system. Avoid being exploited by hackers.

How to remove Adobe Flash Why Flash was killed by Adobe | Good trick

To learn more about Adobe Flash Player then you can read more details in this paragraph Please !

#first. Why is Adobe killing Flash?

There are many reasons for the death of Flash, but mainly due to poor security, current popular web browsers no longer support Flash, plus the too good development of HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly is enough to replace Flash with many better security mechanisms.

On the other hand, the Internet speed is getting faster and faster, so Flash’s advantage of low bandwidth consumption is gradually less meaningful.

The strengths of Flash are replaced by new technologies such as HTML5 used to design websites, tags <video> in HTML5 coupled with faster Internet speed for higher quality video playback.

Card <canvas> in HTML5 helps web browsers draw and animate graphics with JavaScript.

WebGL helps web browsers render 2D and 3D graphics. ActionScript has JavaScript instead. There’s almost no reason why Flash should continue to exist.

The death of Flash will affect old sites that have not been updated for a long time, as Adobe announced in 2017 that more sites would have time to convert content from Flash to new standards.

The rest, most major websites today have removed Flash from the source code of the website and replaced by HTML5. For example, Youtube has replaced Flash with HTML5 since 2015.

How to remove Adobe Flash Why Flash was killed by Adobe | Good trick

Actually, the future of Flash was predicted by Apple, when in 2007, Apple launched the iPhone but did not support Flash on this platform, although Flash was still very popular at that time.

After the next few iPhone generations, because of the popularity of the iPhone and many web developers wanting their website to work well on any platform, Flash showed signs of decline.

In 2012, Flash was seen as a security risk that caused Google to isolate Flash from Google Chrome with Sandbox. This is quite effective when placing the flash content in a virtual space of its own and isolating it from the rest of the system.

But because you have to create sandbox, it affects performance when using Chrome, which makes many people uncomfortable and in the long run, Chrome user experience will suffer.

So it is best to let the sites remove Flash everything will be better.

How to remove Adobe Flash Why Flash was killed by Adobe | Good trick

#2. How to completely remove Adobe Flash Player?

Microsoft has spoken out that there will be an update to completely remove Adobe Flash Player from the Windows 10 operating system.

On Windows 10, Flash is integrated into the system by Microsoft, so you will not be able to find Flash uninstall in the Uninstall section of Windows. It is located at this path:

C: Windows System32 Macromed Flash

Of course, you should not remove Flash by visiting the above path and deleting the files in it. This can cause a system failure. So if you want to uninstall now, what to do?

Method 1: Using Adobe Flash Uninstaller

This method is provided by Adobe (genuine goods). You just need access come in to download (backup link)

How to remove Adobe Flash Why Flash was killed by Adobe | Good trick

Well, after you download => run file => and click UNINSTALL to remove Adobe Flash Player only.

How to remove Adobe Flash Why Flash was killed by Adobe | Good trick

Method 2: Use Windows KB4577586 patch

This is a patch provided by Microsoft, its only effect is to completely remove Adobe Flash from the system.

Currently, the patch KB4577586 (patch access link here) is not yet supported Windows Update. However, you can download and install it manually according to the detailed instructions in this article:

NOTE: Please select the patch corresponding to the Windows operating system that you are using. Very simple!

# 3. Epilogue

Okay, so in this article I have detailed instructions for you how to remove Adobe Flash from Windows a clean and safe way.

Although Flash has many limitations, but it has been an integral part of many people’s childhoods.

I know, there was a time when web games and video viewing websites required Flash for web browsers to play or view content, so Flash is a legend.

Adobe Flash Player was previously said to be a default software / utility that must be available on any computer. But now it has been terminated!

From now on, although Flash is no longer available, the enhancements it brings have given birth to an Internet world full of content and full of life today.

How to remove Adobe Flash Why Flash was killed by Adobe | Good trick

Goodbye Flash!

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