How to open 100% online credit card (reputable bank)

Previously, to open a credit card, you would have to go through a lot of complicated steps, you had to be “reputable” enough for the bank to agree to grant you a credit card.

But these days, technology develops, banks want to get more potential customers, so opening credit cards is also somewhat “open”.

That’s why more and more customers have access to credit cards, especially for those of the 8X, 9X generations.. onwards, credit cards have become very familiar.

It can be said that opening a credit card is very simple now, you can even open 100% online without going to the counter, without proof of income… The card will be delivered by the bank staff. hand for you.

I. What is Credit Card?

Simple to understand

A credit card is a spend first, pay later card


That is, the bank will give you a certain amount of money (more or less depends on your reputation, or your current salary at the company, or the policy of the bank.. ).

You can use this money to buy goods, pay for services, etc. at places that accept credit card payments without charge within 30-45 days. Usually 45 days !

Your job is to pay the bank on time, the bank will send you a monthly statement via text message and registered email. In the Email, it will list the full payment date and time, the products/services that you have purchased.

In the image above, there are a few terms/content that the bank mentions, which are:

  • Usage limit:

    Is the amount that the bank approves for you to use, is the maximum amount that you can spend.

  • Availability limit: LOI

    the remaining amount on the card.

  • Minimum payment:

    This is the lowest amount you have to pay so you don’t get charged a penalty or fall into bad debt.

II. Why should you use a credit card?

Credit cards are the trend of the future, developed countries have been popularizing credit cards for a long time. If you use your credit card properly, use it “responsibly”, then a credit card will be very helpful to you. Detail:

  • Payment is convenient, fast, no need to carry cash, because credit cards are being used very popularly. Swipe your card and you’re done!
  • Help you spend while the salary has not come. This is very important, sometimes need a few million or a few tens of millions in a short time without knowing where to go. Borrowing from relatives is embarrassing, but “hot” loans will have exorbitant interest rates.
  • For business people, credit cards give them free cash flow for 45 days. One card has a limit of 1,200 million, but 5 or 6 such cards will give you a billion, free to use within 45 days.
  • Enjoy many promotions from banks, such as % discount when paying bills, services..
  • Increase your personal credit score: The bank scores your PRESTIGE through your monthly credit payment history. This credit score all banks know, once you have bad debt at one bank, it will be very difficult for you to get a loan at other banks.

Of course, not everyone is eligible to open a card, and their bank will have a way for you not to burst their money. And there are a few notes about credit cards that I want to share with you as follows:

  • Banks allow you to withdraw money from credit cards but you should not do so, because the interest rates are extremely high. The bank will calculate interest as soon as you have finished withdrawing the money.
  • The bank will send a monthly statement (about 7-10 days before the payment due date), please submit it before that date. Because if you pay late, you will be charged a very high interest, if you spend a little, it’s okay, but spend about 30-40 million but it’s late. I was once 2 days late but lost more than 1 million in profit 🙁

III. Instructions to open 100% online credit card

Below are reputable banks in Vietnam, with a long history of development, so in terms of reliability, you need to worry about it >.<

+) For VIB bank:

As of mid-2021, the charter capital is more than VND 15,500 billion, equity is VND 21,048 billion and total assets are more than VND 277 trillion.

VIB currently has more than 10,000 employees serving nearly 3 million customers at 165 branches and transaction offices in 27 key provinces/cities nationwide.

+) VPBank (Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank)

Established in 1993, they have had 6 banking awards voted by prestigious international credit institutions and are one of the leading retail commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam.

#first. Open a credit card of VIB bank (only need ID card/CCCD)

You can open a credit card


Online 100% here:


Advantages of opening a VIB credit card are as follows:

  • Free proof of income
  • 100% refund of annual fee in the first year when spending 1 million.
  • 6% cashback on online shopping
  • Register VIB credit card online, use it in 30 minutes.
  • Get 100k immediately when activating the card to shop on Tiki, VinID, Grab, recharge mobile phones, etc.
  • Get an extra 300,000 VND when you save your card information on online shopping apps/websites (websites/apps require you to enter card information for payment)
  • Gift card fraud insurance package worth 105 million / year
  • 30% off at Kichi Kichi, Cowboy Jack’s, Pizza 4P, Gogi, Hokkaido,…
  • 20% discount at Starbucks, The Coffee House, The Coffee Bean,….

=> Very suitable for believers who often buy cassava online, go to restaurants ….

For ONLINE PLUS credit card, VIB will charge as follows:

  • Annual fee of main card: 499,000 VND. This fee is quite cheap compared to the SCB credit card I am using.
  • Supplementary card annual fee: VND 299,000
  • Interest free period: Up to 45 days (maximum 15 days from the date of statement, so at the beginning of the article I emphasize that you should pay attention to the statement message to pay on time)
  • Statement date: 25th of every month.
  • Card limit: From 15 to 50 million VND
  • Interest rate: 36%
  • Minimum payment: 5%
  • Foreign currency fee: 3.5%

See instructions on how to open a VIB ONLINE PLUS credit card:


Cards are not accepted for subjects such as workers, drivers, spas, massagers, bar staff, discos, etc. See details of those who are not eligible for credit cards in the slide below, friends, near the end. Page.

#2. Open online credit card of VPBank

Advantages of VPBank credit cards are:

  • You can open the card 100% online at any place you want, as long as you have an Internet connection (of course, there will be staff to contact support in case your profile is missing or incorrect).
  • It only takes about 20 minutes for you to register and take a photo/upload your profile on VPBank’s censorship system
  • You will receive your credit card within 48 hours, and a staff member will deliver the card to you.

Conditions to open VPBank credit card?

  • Minimum monthly salary is 5 million VND.
  • Are customers who receive salary via account (with proof of income, income statement…), or pre-approved mobifone customers.
  • Age: 25 – 60
  • Those who are working and living in the provinces/cities accepted by VPbank to issue cards. Focused mainly on Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and cities in this list !


VPBank credit card fee table:

VPBank No.1 MasterCard (Classic) 150,000 VND No charges
VPBank MC2 Mastercard (Classic) 299,000 VND 150,000 VND
VPBank Lady Mastercard (Classic) 499,000 VND No charges
VPBank StepUp Credit (Titanium) 499,000 VND 200,000 VND
Vpbank Platinum Credit (Titanium) 699,000 VND 250,000 VND
VNAirline VPBank Platinum Credit (Titanium) 899,000 VND No charges
Mobifone – VPBank Classic MasterCard (Titanium) 299,000VND 150,000 VND
Mobifone – VPBank Titanium MasterCard (Platinum) 499,000 VND 200,000 VND
Mobifone – VPBank Platinum MasterCard (Platinum) 699,000 VND 250,000 VND
World MasterCard (Platinum) 1,500,000 VND No charges
World Lady MasterCard (Platinum) 1,500,000 VND No charges

See more details here and here !

You can watch more introductory videos about VPBank below:

III. Epilogue

Above are 2 banks that allow

open 100% online credit card

I will continue to update more

reputable credit bank

Others support online credit card opening in this article. So, if you are interested, please bookmark this article.

Hope the information in this article will be useful to you, good luck!

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