How to have a perfect life: Live every day like Jeff Bezos, do charity like Bill Gates, control time like Warren Buffett

You don’t need to have billions of dollars to live like a billionaire. That’s because the lifestyle of the rich is not really materialistic but a way of regulating life.

Here’s how to live like a billionaire no matter how much money you have …

1. Control time like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett certainly didn’t lack work to do but he often left a lot of time for the day. That’s because he always believes in the need to optimize his time: What is the most important work of the day, the time to think about valuable things, to think first of all the most important things of the day /next week.

People may think that with the billionaire, time can do nothing, but the reality is not so.

This is not an easy task, he is just prioritizing his time.

Like Buffett, you absolutely can do the same thing and control your schedule more than you think. No matter how much the schedule needs to be organized, you need the flexibility to make things more convenient, not to force the schedule to be useless.

Be the one to recommend the times that are right for you. Do not stop or cancel meetings if they are ineffective or unnecessary.

Be the first to propose meeting time so it is more likely to be convenient for you. Note that important things should always be prioritized in your schedule. You don’t need to be billionaires to have a schedule like them.

How to have a perfect life Live every day like Jeff Bezos do charity like Bill Gates control time like Warren Buffett | Live

2. Always explore discovery like Richard Branson

Richard Branson regularly travels around the world. He even invested in space travel so he and others could one day leave this world. For him, tourism is a lifestyle and it is clear that this lifestyle needs a large amount of money to implement. However, the basic philosophy behind this lifestyle is not limited to millionaires.

That’s because Branson’s love of travel stems from a passion for discovery and exploration can be made no matter how limited the budget is. When you take the mindset of an adventurer, you’ll discover many things that lead you to new, exciting and ultimately successful ways. But adventurers do not necessarily need to have an airplane, train or car.

You can easily explore many places in your area – shops you’ve never been to, museums, unusual restaurants and experiences you’ve never tried. To be more precise, you can even use Google to explore the entire world just sitting at home.

3. Do charity like Bill Gates

Bill Gates has given more than $ 50 billion to charities. But don’t worry because no one expects you to do that.

An important component of the lifestyle of the rich is to use what they have to develop the world and help others.

You do not need $ 50 billion or financial ability to raise money. You can spend the time, effort, expertise or whatever you have to support others. This is not only good for the people you help but also for yourself.

How to have a perfect life Live every day like Jeff Bezos do charity like Bill Gates control time like Warren Buffett | Live

4. Pursue new passions like Howard Stern

Howard Stern has an estimated net worth of more than 650 million USD. The amazing thing is that he made that money just by talking to the microphone for a few hours every day.

But when Stern didn’t air, he spent most of his time doing things that didn’t require money. He pursues a passion that you can easily pursue, without having millions of dollars in your account. Those are hobbies like playing chess, painting, taking pictures. He shared that everything brings him great joy and sometimes even disappointment.

Most billionaires realize the importance of pursuing passion and not just expensive passion. Find the things you care about and give them your all. This will not only cost you money, but it can also provide an incredible return on investment for your life.

5. Encourage people like Oprah Winfrey

The ability to motivate and inspire people has helped Oprah Winfrey earn billions of dollars. From there build a platform to motivate and inspire more people.

However, in order to reach a large number of people, Oprah needs significant resources, so you may not lose any money to reach a small number. And the feeling of helping others is the great benefit you receive. Many people have shared lessons about their lives, both successes and struggles to help others and you don’t need a lot of money to do the same thing.

Write a blog post to share how you overcome a problem in life. Coffee with friends to help them solve problems they encounter. Become a role model for young people to follow.

You can do it without giving people free cars or helping millions like Oprah to feel like you’re helping others.

How to have a perfect life Live every day like Jeff Bezos do charity like Bill Gates control time like Warren Buffett | Live

6. Live fully every day like Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos once taught at Amazon the mantra of Day One. He always reminded everyone in the company about how to embrace every day as if it were “First Day” even though Amazon has achieved incredible success to this point. In this way, he reminds himself and his employees to focus on the outcome, avoid backlog and keep looking ahead, not falling asleep on the victory.

This is a perfect example of thinking that you can apply without having to have a million dollars to serve for work or life. What would your work be like if you considered every day to be First Day? What will your relationships look like? How can it change your choice?

Like all the ways of thinking I’ve shared in this post, the First Day approach may not turn you into a millionaire, but it certainly can help you live as a millionaire.

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