How To Get Up Early In Winter?

Hey, guys, it’s me again! Does winter weather really make us want to be lazy? Have you ever woken up and just want to continue sleeping buried in a soft, warm blanket because it is too cold?

Yes ! Perhaps this is the common situation of many people in the past few days, and myself included.

However, after a long “struggle” fiercely with laziness, I have found a few effective solutions to get up early in winter.

And soon I will share with you 5 simple ways to get up early in the winter. If you are also interested, let’s find out in this article!

#first. Find A Good Cause

Okay, the first method I want to introduce to help us wake up early in the winter – is to find yourself a good reason.

Have you ever spent a night before some far away trip? Or the next morning something really important, for example?

How To Get Up Early In Winter | Skill

I’m sure there will be some invisible force that will keep you in a state of extreme alertness to be ready to get out of your comfy bed at any moment, right?

Then we have the solution! Next time, if you do not want to lie down and waste the early winter, try to find yourself a good reason to wake up early.

Make a list of things you can do in the morning to get done, like learning to meditate or reading a book …

After that, give each task a specific amount of time – say 3 days of reading, 3 days of meditation. So we have really “healthy” reasons to get up early in winter already!

In short: Whatever you do, you need a reason and getting up early is no exception. You have to have a goal and a clear reason to be motivated to wake up early. So it is your job to find that reason. OK!

#2. Set Alarm Away From Bed

If your mental strength isn’t strong enough to knock out the cold every morning of winter, try keeping your alarm clock away from your bed.

How To Get Up Early In Winter | Skill
How To Get Up Early In Winter | Skill

It sounds simple and a bit… unbelievable, but this method can really get yourself up in spite of that cold weather.

Let me be more specific! When we put alarm clocks or timers such as cell phones next to us, this will inadvertently create a very favorable opportunity for us to turn off the alarm as soon as we wake up.

Turning off the alarm happens so quickly that you wouldn’t even expect it, because it is almost a reaction of the body when exposed to the noise.

Not to mention that we are very sleepy, so it is entirely possible to unconsciously turn off the annoying alarm.

Do not trust too much willpower, because the harsh winter weather seems to have taken up all of our excitement every morning to wake up. So, make it easier for your body to handle it by placing alarms away from sleep.

When the annoying bell rings, you have no choice but to get up and rush to turn off the clock.

Because neither of us wants our parents or roommates to feel uncomfortable by the loud ringing of the bell, right?

# 3. Leaving Bed As Soon As You Woke Up

According to my “survival” winter experience, just getting out of the charming bed is considered to have won 80% of the “war” to get up early!

How To Get Up Early In Winter | Skill
How To Get Up Early In Winter | Skill

Many of you are very interested in the adventure game called “sleep more 5 minutes”. Believe me, you will regret it because those 5 minutes will become 30 minutes, 1 hour or even more.

And then the late school, late work time will happen more often than ever if you still have the courage to continue that adventure gameshow.

So what is the solution to this problem? Get out of bed as soon as you wake up – the sooner the better.

The more you try to prolong the comfort of your comfortable bed, the more quickly you will lose your willpower and determination to get up early to the sky to… fall asleep next.

In the moment of awakening, think that if we can resist the “will of the sky” to get up early in this cold weather, then nothing will be difficult for us in the future.

Use that as a strong and motivating, decisively rejecting the bed’s temptation, will you? 🙂

# 4. Awaken the Senses

Did you know that all senses feel sleepy, and they all need to be awakened?

How To Get Up Early In Winter | Skill
How To Get Up Early In Winter | Skill

Stimulate them, or more evocatively, provoke your senses, making them “go mad” and unable to continue sleeping.

As in the item # 3 I have just mentioned above, setting an alarm is also a method for you to wake up your hearing. What about sight, smell and touch? How to wake them up?

Yes ! One of the simplest and most effective ways to get your vision to wake up is to open the curtains slightly before going to bed.

Dawn light will pass through the doorway and gently awaken your eyesight. Besides, try to stimulate your touch by getting out of the blanket as soon as you wake up.

Surely you would not be able to sleep without a blanket in the cold weather, and that is our ultimate goal, right?

Well, don’t forget to brew a cup of coffee or a cup of tea to awaken your sense of smell. The scent of coffee and herbs helps a lot in keeping us awake!

# 5. Gentle Exercise When Waking Up

The last method I want to share with you to help us stay awake in the early winter is to do light exercise when we wake up.

How To Get Up Early In Winter | Skill
How To Get Up Early In Winter | Skill

You know, jogging outdoors is impossible in the midst of extreme weather. So let’s start with the simplest things.

You can walk gently in the room, do push-ups or climb a few stairs … A few simple movements will make our body heat up, our mind becomes clearer and more alert.

And remember to only exercise moderately, because winter weather is not suitable for activities that require endurance.

Gentle exercises for shoulders, back, arms, neck also contribute significantly to dispel sleep, reduce stress, increase work efficiency and quality of your life.

# 6. Epilogue

Okay, above is my share of these methods of getting up early in winter. Thank you for accompanying me.

If there is any other effective method, please comment below for us to learn together. And do not forget to leave positive feedback, because your support is the driving force for our Blog to develop further. Love you all… ❤

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