How to buy lottery tickets by phone in Vietnam?

Since December 23, lottery players in Vietnam have been able to buy lottery tickets by phone (SMS channel) for the first time with products Mega 6/45 and Power 6/55 of Vietlott. This method marks an important step forward of the lottery industry in the direction of modernization, in line with international trends.

In the short term, Vietlott is working with three major carriers namely Viettel, MobiFone and VinaPhone to deploy SMS distribution channels. With a total of more than 125 million existing subscribers, the three carriers promise to help Vietlott expand its customers, and also bring opportunities to change lives to more players.

So, how to buy Vietlott lottery tickets by phone?


– Players must fully meet the requirements of age, health, personnel behavior … according to Vietlott’s regulations in particular and the laws of Vietnam in general.

– Being a subscriber of Viettel, MobiFone or VinaPhone.

– Having a bank account (account information, phone number must match subscribers to Vietlott lottery tickets) or other payment methods such as ViettelPay, VNPTPay or Moca, the list will be expanded in the future.

– Have a smart phone (smartphone) that can install a compatible booking application.


Install the corresponding application on the smartphone corresponding to the current carrier: Vietlott SMS (for Viettel), VietlottMobifone (for MobiFone) or Vietlott SMS VinaPhone (for VinaPhone).

Vietlott SMS application interface for Viettel subscribers.

These applications are available on the Apple Store (for iPhone) and Google Play (for Android phones), or see more at

Create Account

– On the application screen when activating the first time, select “Register an account”, enter the phone number then click “Verify phone number”. Done, enter the verification code received via SMS.

– Take a photo of ID / CCCD / Passport or enter information as instructed. In case of taking pictures, the application will automatically scan and recognize information to fill quickly on behalf of the player – very convenient and fast. In case players enter their hands or have modified information automatically extracted from personal papers, the system will send a notification message about the time of manual moderation.

How to buy lottery tickets by phone in Vietnam | Living

Can take CCCD images for the application to automatically fill in information.

– In the step of choosing where to register for the prize, players can choose freely whether they are home, where they are living or any province / city where Vietlott has done business.

Finally, players enter additional bonus accounts (receive bonuses if lucky to win) and payment accounts (pay for tickets online). If declaring multiple accounts, players need to choose an account as default.

How to buy lottery tickets by phone in Vietnam | Living

Declare a bank account or e-wallet to pay tickets, receive rewards.


Currently, Vietlott allows players to win a maximum of 50,000 VND / product / spin period. To purchase tickets, the payment account first needs to have a balance that is at least equal to the value of the ticket to be purchased. Players can recharge their e-wallet according to the instructions of each wallet, or directly deposit money into the account provided by Vietlott.

Buy ticket

Buying tickets is really easy when there are 4 utilities to support the player: Quick pick, Trend selection, Favorite number set or Custom. In which, Buffet is a uniform form of buying experience at normal points of sale when players only know the number of choices after buying tickets successfully. In addition, players can also choose their own number sets corresponding to simple tables A, B, C, D, E.

How to buy lottery tickets by phone in Vietnam | Living

The number and ticketing interface is very handy.

After pressing the “Book a ticket” button, the SMS screen will appear with the text already prepared. Players just need to click “Send”, there is absolutely no charge for the message to the 9969 switchboard. When purchasing tickets successfully, there will be notification via SMS and application.

Note: Later, players can buy tickets by composing SMS messages in the syntax as seen above without having to enter the application.

Get rewarded

With prizes under 10 billion, players will be received via payment accounts. With prizes from 10 billion VND or more, players need to contact Vietlott to receive the reward procedures as prescribed.

How to buy lottery tickets by phone in Vietnam | Living

A winning ticket Mega 6/45 product is waiting to receive money through your account.

Note: Rewarding through an unlinked bank account may incur a% fee, so Vietlott encourages players to use their affiliate bank account to enjoy free offers and instant rewards. after the official lucky draw results are available. In case of receiving rewards via e-wallet, players need to authenticate their e-wallet at the highest level (for example, with ViettelPlay, it is necessary to go to Viettel’s transaction points to increase to level 3).

Currently, Vietnamese players can buy Vietlott’s optional lottery by phone via MobiFone, VinaPhone and Viettel. Players have many options for payment methods such as VNPTPay, ViettelPay, Moca wallet on Grab app, VPBank and other banks to easily buy lottery tickets. See how to play at:

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