How The Walking Dead compared horrible Covid-19 to the zombie apocalypse in the movie

With a series of temporary movie and television projects stalling due to the Covid-19 pandemic, celebs suddenly had too much free time during the day, and their social media accounts were also more active. ever. Besides reminding fans to be aware of self-isolation at home to protect their health, many people also regularly update their situation as well as their thoughts on this pandemic.

Recently, Chadler Riggs, a former actor who has been with the zombie series The Walking Dead for 8 years, played the role of Carl Grimes, has compared Covid-19 like the walker epidemic (zombie) that he is so familiar on. small screen. On his personal Twitter page, Chadler wrote: “My house has lost power. In the street, there is no one person. Goods in the supermarket are clean. I really felt as if I was living in a post-apocalyptic period, and the memories of The Walking Dead started coming back.”.

Chadler Riggs said the street situation is empty, and the current shortage of supplies is no different from The Walking Dead.

As a man who played a key role in the first 8 seasons of The Walking Dead, it is not difficult to understand when Chadler was sensitive to the context of the street suddenly “abandoned” because of the pandemic. Earlier, other close colleagues in the same zombie corpses also constantly mentioned Chadler with the message: “Stay indoors, Carl”. Among them are Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays Lori Grimes – Chadler’s mother on screen; and Tom Payne, who plays Paul “Jesus” Rovia.

“Mother Carl” reminded the fans: “I have one thing to say to those who are not conscious of isolating themselves: Stay in the house, Carl! We all know what will happen. If you don’t listen to me. ”

How The Walking Dead compared horrible Covid 19 to the zombie apocalypse in the movie | Live

In turn, “Jesus” Tom Payne asked Carl (or rather fans) to isolate himself at home against Covid-19.

Fans of The Walking Dead will immediately recognize why this cast is constantly asking Carl / Chadler to remain indoors during the epidemic season. When AMC’s zombie series first aired in 2010, Carl was a relatively young character, unable to fight alone and often causing trouble for the group to act on their own. Typically, in season 1, he was accidentally hit by Otis while watching a deer in the forest. Or at the end of season 2, because of his indecisive actions, Carl did not kill a walker and finally gave it a chance to bite Dale.

Borrowing images of Carl, the stellar set (rather the former star) of The Walking Dead wants to remind the audience to be aware of home isolation at the present time. Whether we are adults or children, we are at risk of getting SARS-CoV-2 if we regularly go to crowded public places and do not have a good sense of personal hygiene. As people who have been rolling on the zombie scene for many years, they know how devastating the epidemic is, even though it’s a little fictional and exaggerated.

How The Walking Dead compared horrible Covid 19 to the zombie apocalypse in the movie | Live

“Carl” then whispers: “My God, it’s been 8 years and everyone still grumbles. I can’t stand it anymore.”

Currently, the second half of season 10 The Walking Dead has returned with extremely unexpected and attractive details in the fight with The Whisperers. However, before the complicated development of Covid-19 in many countries around the world, including the US, AMC was forced to suspend production in season 11 and “brother” series Fear The Walking Dead. The New World Beyond spin-off has also been postponed to the end of this year. However, the screenwriters are still actively working from afar so they can get ready to shoot again as soon as the epidemic ends.

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How The Walking Dead compared horrible Covid 19 to the zombie apocalypse in the movie | Live

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