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How much income will an 18+ star like Yua Mikami make per year?

In the adult film industry in the land of cherry blossoms today, it is difficult to find a more famous name than Yua Mikami. Coming from an idol singer who did not have much success, she moved into the 18+ field and quickly became one of the most popular stars, not only in Japan but also across Asia. present time.

Adult filmmaking, also known as AV, is one of the jobs that are officially legalized in the country of cherry blossoms. With government approval, filmmakers will have to pay a lot of money to be able to make an adult film and distribute it to fans. One thing that many people wonder is how much money adult movie stars actually make from movies.

Most of us know that the amount is a lot, but the number differs from person to person and it will very rarely be revealed specifically. Therefore, the fans and concernI can only guess and approximate numbers at a certain level.

How much income will an 18 star like Yua Mikami make per year | Khám phá

In Ili’s “Late Night Health Room” (深夜 保健室), a Taiwanese hot girl specializing in men’s private stories was broadcast on Youtube. This is a humorous, fun talk show and also talks “heaven and under the sea” about the interests of men, so many people are interested in watching.

This show also discussed Japanese AV actresses and invited a “specialist in the field”, but anonymously. In addition to talking about secrets in the AV field, he also revealed some numbers related to the top idols, such as Yua Mikami.

How much income will an 18 star like Yua Mikami make per year | Khám phá

Accordingly, with 1 top A rank actor, signing an exclusive contract is natural. The exact number is not disclosed, but the expert said that the actor’s hand-to-hand money would be enough to buy an apartment priced at NT $ 10 million (VND7.7 billion). ) in the capital Tokyo, Japan.

As for an adult movie, the actresses are paid about 3 million yen (about 600 million VND). Plus the money for attending events, commercials and souvenirs, the life of A-list actors is generally quite good. However, he did not add that if the movie sold a lot, would the idol be paid more money and what the percentage share after that.

How much income will an 18 star like Yua Mikami make per year | Khám phá

Now, Yua Mikami’s name is now known as a singer or model, the face of some brands. Therefore, this 1993-born girl is quite busy with her personal work, good music programs and fan meetings. If you are a fan of Yua, it is not difficult for you to find the image of her participating in a show or activity in Japan, Korea or Taiwan, etc. With this out, Yua will surely continue to be more successful in the near future.

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