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How many Pokemon species did Ash Ketchum catch?

Ash Ketchum is also known as Satoshi in the Japanese version – which is a character based on Red but less perfect. Unlike Red, who went on a great journey and conquered the throne of Kanto, Ash went on to conquer many different continents and only ascended the throne at Alola after 20 years. However, he caught a lot of Pokemon and also learned a lot of new things on his journey.

According to the game’s biography, Red is considered one of the outstanding and talented coaches of the Kanto region. He conquered all the gyms in the game, and also passed the Victory Boulevard – Victory Road, defeating all four members of the Elite Four and Blue champion afterwards.

However, Red’s most memorable feat is the fact that he caught 151 Pokemon in the Kanto region, including legendary Pokemon like the Three-Tailed Mewtwo and Mew. However, it is a pity that we did not see him “show” the legendary Pokemon in later versions, from Gold / Silver to Let’s Go. However, Red is already very strong, defeating him is also the ultimate goal of the main characters in the later Pokemon versions.

How many Pokemon species did Ash Ketchum catch | Khám phá

Red’s squad in the latest version, Let’s Go is extremely awful.

In the anime universe that many people know, Red does not really exist but instead is the character Ash Ketchum. Compared to Red, he also has the starting Pikachu, but Ash is actually not as clever, powerful and sophisticated as Red. Ash doesn’t even seem to have grown up during the past 20 years. However, that does not matter, because as long as the Pokemon anime world exists, Ash Ketchum will continue his journey to new lands.

How many Pokemon species did Ash Ketchum catch | Khám phá

Ash Ketchum has a more diverse squad than Red for a variety of reasons.

Compared to Red, the number of Pokemon Ash caught was much less. However, the interesting point is that the Pokemon of Red are captured in many different continents, so they are more diverse and better. Because of the anime’s background design, Ash’s Pokemon have more or less had a place to play and are captivating by the character and story surrounding them. So far, Ash Ketchum has captured a total of 94 Pokemon, including the ones he didn’t use anymore, release naturally or trade with other players.

How many Pokemon species did Ash Ketchum catch | Khám phá

The current Pokemon are being used by Ash Ketchum.

At the moment, Ash Ketchum is on a new journey in season 7 of the movie called Pokémon Journeys: The Series. As always, Pikachu is the protagonist with Rotom as the background when mostly only supporting role. However, Ash’s roster is stronger than that of having Pokemon like Dragonite, Gengar or Riolu. Ash’s Pokemon are likely to continue to be associated with him in this section, but no one knows whether they will appear in the next arc or not because of having to give ground to the newly introduced Pokemon in the future. hybrid.

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