How is English teacher Le Na ‘Scorpio’ causing social storms 5 years ago now?

In 2015, people must still remember about the storming incident on the Internet where the main character is the teacher “Scorpio” Le Na. At that time, the controversy attracted the public’s attention, every move of this teacher was watched by the public. Suddenly famous for “staggering”, after 5 years, how is this teacher living?

The incident shook English centers in Hanoi

Around the beginning of August 2015, on social networks appeared a 7-minute video recording an argument of a teacher named Pham Nguyen Le Na and two students at an English center (called X) in Hanoi. The clip started with a tense development when two students asked the above female teacher and the center counselors to explain why the course was extended. After a while, both sides shouted at each other, culminating in teacher Le Na using the pronoun “you, I” to talk, constantly berating the student for “uneducated”.

Before the clip was closed, a teacher’s statement was said to be a “closing point” for netizens to pay special attention to the scandal: “I will never forget, I am Scorpio, I tell you you have touched my narcissism and self-esteem, I will do exactly what you are doing to me!”.

Teacher Le Na with the statement “for life” (Clip: Internet)

The cause of the incident is said to be due to changing classes of students to register for English courses. Accordingly, 2 students come to register for the 4-month TOEIC practice class at the center, but it is not suitable for the time so they apply for another class. After a period of study, the student’s registration expired, so the center asked to extend and pay half of the tuition fee, but the two of them disagreed because they thought they had not heard of this regulation and met Ms. Le Na . The students then accused the teacher of sending threatening emails with difficult words.

As for the center, Ms. Le Na said that these 2 trainees registered to study from July 2014 and came to study in October 2014. Then take a break in between, but don’t save time to study. After the management department allowed to continue with the Turtor TOEIC class, the two of you disagreed and found her to solve the problem.

How is English teacher Le Na Scorpio causing social storms 5 years ago now | GameK

Controversy who is right and who is wrong, but unexpectedly is the viral “also Scorpio”

As soon as the incident broke out, many netizens gave dissection to the problem. Most people believe that for a person who works in the pedagogical branch, the above words are inaccurate or even offensive. Not only that, the incident also happened within the scope of an educational institution, in front of students and students.

But there is also a part that says that to have smoke, there must be a fire. That is to say, the source of the controversy must have a part related to the practitioners. Some comments consider this to be just a momentary impulsive moment for the teacher when they are too frustrated and unable to control themselves.

How is English teacher Le Na Scorpio causing social storms 5 years ago now | GameK

During the next year, every 10 steps, I heard the music made from the “cursing” viral “Tao is also Scorpio” by teacher Le Na. Also surfing the Internet, tens of thousands of pictures swinging Scorpio’s bow were also posted. At that time, the Hanoi teacher became a reluctant network phenomenon.

Judging by her “stormy” words, teacher Le Na said: “It was just a spontaneous straightforwardness when the students were also out of control. Besides, after one day of the incident, the center of matching records found that the student’s name did not match 30- 50% more than register at the “center.

As for the saying viral Scorpio, Ms. Le Na said: “It was just a joke to the students because Scorpio is inherently a formidable animal, it also means that Miss Le Na, but I don’t mean anything else. I am very happy that the online community makes photos and music of Scorpio teacher and I think it is everyone’s creation.

How is English teacher Le Na Scorpio causing social storms 5 years ago now | GameK

How is English teacher Le Na Scorpio causing social storms 5 years ago now | GameK

Many pictures and music clips use the “Scorpio bow” image to make laughter

Teacher Le Na’s life after 5 years was in trouble

Since the clip was released, Ms. Le Na only appeared and responded to the press only once, then fell silent. But she continued to cause storms because her behaviors were unlike anyone else. Typically, the donation of T-shirts with pictures of … scorpions to students of the center. Continuing, on the fanpage of the English center, there appeared a status segment with a challenging tone and heavy language.

Later, because of the great attack from netizens, by June 2016, she gradually disappeared from social networks. The center operated by her also locks the fanpage, the headquarters is also key. All information about the teacher “Scorpio” has been quiet since.

How is English teacher Le Na Scorpio causing social storms 5 years ago now | GameK

Photos of Ms. Le Na’s life abroad

It is known that after the scandal, there was a time when she went to America. Some information said that she just returned to Vietnam around the end of 2019 and started to operate her English center again. Ms. Le Na specializes in opening classes to teach and practice IELTS and is trusted by a large number of students of all ages. In addition to teaching at the center, she also organizes online courses for students who live far away.

Instead of a hot-tempered, blunt image like 5 years ago, now Ms. Le Na seems calmer. She also works strongly on social networks, constantly sharing pictures of everyday life. Everyone realized that the Scorpion teacher was gradually getting out of the shadow that the scandal accidentally pressed on to have a peaceful and fulfilled life.

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