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How have Disney movies and anime made an impact on the modern world of animation?

Anime has a history of several decades, and Disney has been around for much longer. While the two styles may differ in many ways, anime is having an influence on many animators today. In addition to this, modern anime has also been influenced by Disney animation from ancient times.

How Disney influenced anime

The existence of anime today is thanks to Tezuka Osamu’s credit. He is responsible for many of the avant-garde anime techniques being used today, such as the drawing of big eyes. As a child, Mr. Tezuka used to watch classic Disney movies and animations, then tried to recreate them in his own design style. So the anime’s big eyes were inspired by characters like Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse.

How anime has influenced Disney and other studios

Many artists and animators of the current generation see anime as a major source of influence, most notably the works of Mr. Miyazaki Hayao. Up to now, Mr. Miyazaki is still the only Japanese animator ever to win an Academy Award for “Best Animation” for his movie “Spirited Away”. He is also one of the original founding members of Studio Ghibli, which creates world-famous anime masterpieces.

Mr. Miyazaki is famous for a number of repeating themes that are found in so many of his films, and many other animators have also tried to incorporate those themes into their own works. For example, one of his typical marks is the use of flying scenes, when “Kiki’s Delivery Service” has a young witch flying a broom everywhere, “Howl’s Moving Castle” has a mage fighting airplanes and “My Neighbor Totoro” features a large, flying cat-like creature with an umbrella.

How have Disney movies and anime made an impact on the modern world of animation | Khám phá

Western animated films such as “The Rescuers Down Under”, Pixar’s “Up”, and Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon all share that Mr. Miyazaki is their source of influence. Each of these films has a different way of creating a scene in the sky with a house flying in “Up”, dragons from “How to Train Your Dragon” and “The Rescuers Down Under” featuring the characters. to Australia on the back of a bird.

Another hallmark of Mr. Miyazaki is how he portrays the good and the wicked. No one in his films is “pure good” or “pure evil”, everyone is human with their own flaws. For example, in “Princess Mononoke”, the villain is Eboshi because of the act of burning forests and killing natural creatures so that she can dig iron mines, but she is also the lifter for the social strata. abandon the other, give them a place to live and a job.

How have Disney movies and anime made an impact on the modern world of animation | Khám phá

Many modern animated films have followed this radical way of thinking. As you can see in “Monsters, Inc.”, Mr. Waternoose is considered the main villain in the movie because he wants to kidnap children and suck up their screams. However, we need to see this situation from the perspective of Mr. Waternoose, the monster world is running out of energy and he is working hard to run a company to keep society stable and free of turmoil. Not only that, the children are not easily threatened anymore, so he needs to think of a new way to have enough energy. Mr. Waternoose’s job was not because he was “pure evil,” but because he did what he felt needed.

How anime has influenced modern western animation

Anime’s influence is not only present in major animation studios, and even small screen shows learn the anime’s art style and themes. The three series that perfectly reflect this are “Dexter’s Laboratory”, “Teen Titans” and “The Powerpuff Girls”.

In “Dexter’s Laboratory”, the influence of the anime is where Dexter creates giant robots to fight monsters like “kaiju” (at the time the US began to know about anime like “Neon Genesis Evangelion”) or help. he does many other things. Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of “Dexter’s Laboratory”, is also the creator of the “Samurai Jack” series, with a design style that shows more of the anime’s inspiration more clearly.

How have Disney movies and anime made an impact on the modern world of animation | Khám phá

“Teen Titans” is a very clear case of Western animation adopting an anime style. Instead of the realistic character design similar to a comic, the characters are drawn in a more cartoon style with exaggerated features of body, face, even at times the character transforms into a cute form. “Chibi” to enhance the sense of humor. “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is another popular animated series with an anime essence, and many fans think it should be considered a real anime.

These days, the influence of anime is even greater as we see many Western cartoons and popular comic book adaptations of different anime, such as “Powerpuff Girls Z”, “X-Men”, ” Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers ”…

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