How fast is the 18+ angel Eimi Fukada ‘climbing rank’ in 2020?

Referring to the most beautiful beauties in the adult film industry, people often think of names like Sora Aoi, Asuka Kirara or Yua Mikami. However, the 18+ film industry has no shortage of beautiful girls with attractive beauty to the opposite side. The most famous today is Eimi Fukada, the most prominent girl in 2019 in the land of cherry blossoms.

Eimi Fukada was born in 1998, is one of the youngest actresses to participate in the adult film field. In 2017, she began acting with the name Amami Kororo. At first, Amami Kororo didn’t have great success, but after changing her name to Eimi Fukada, things started to get “cool”. Eimi is starting to stand out more and become the most prominent adult movie angel in 2019.

Accordingly, since changing the stage name from Amami Kororo to Eimi Fukada, Eimi has had a pretty thick working schedule throughout 2019. In the first 2 months of 2019, Eimi almost did not appear in any product. and just start over at the end of February 2019.

How fast is the 18 angel Eimi Fukada climbing rank in 2020 | GameK

From that point on, this girl started to excel. Eimi completely broke all the previous norms – a freelance, unnamed actor at the start, not the exclusive “chicken” of any company but still on top of the charts. This is a very rare occurrence and perhaps no one has predicted this rapid rise.

So by 2020, how will Eimi Fukada’s position change compared to last year?

Accordingly, the girl born in 1998 is still extremely “attractive” and has never been less visible in 2020. Specifically, Eimi Fukada had a significantly reduced schedule in 2020, when “only appeared” in 75 titles only. However, this number is still very large compared to other famous exclusive (tantai) actors like Yua Mikami or Mana Sakura (~ 15 movies), the most is Miru Sakamichi (21 movies). As a result, Eimi only plays about 6 movies per month.

How fast is the 18 angel Eimi Fukada climbing rank in 2020 | GameK

This 75 is much lower than the number of this 1998-born girl in 2019 – the first 125 movies, including solo films, co-stars and VR. The average number per month is extremely thick, even thicker than many think because Eimi only started to “plow” again after cosmetic surgery, which means from March 2019.

Even though she worked nearly half this year, the effect was still no less for this girl. In the chain’s charts, Eimi “ran out of breath” a bit at the end of the year, but remained at number 1 according to the statistics released earlier this January. The number from the 18+ product selling platforms is not yet available, but there is not much difference.

How fast is the 18 angel Eimi Fukada climbing rank in 2020 | GameK

Compared to other 18+ actresses who are considered to be famous, Eimi is much more successful in her second year of her career: Yui Hatano is still just starting to rise, Ai Uehara plows more movies than last year. Hibiki Otsuki still doesn’t know who it is, Akari Mitani also has to work hard to find fame. No one had reduced work intensity like Eimi Fukada.

How fast is the 18 angel Eimi Fukada climbing rank in 2020 | GameK

The important thing here is, Eimi’s status not only has caught up with Yua Mikami, who is considered number 1 in the present time. She even has a sign that she has surpassed her seniors in terms of sales but also in the media image. Perhaps in the not too distant future, Eimi Fukada will continue to surpass, even if it will not be too far, and be ready for a successor of the 18+ industry in the next 2-3 years.

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