How Facebook Gaming has brought AoE Vietnam to its peak and its consequences

1. The AoE community is known more by the audience through the live stream on Facebook

The “ Go To The Sun ” is the No. 1 Streamer of Facebook Gaming in Vietnam with a series of unprecedented records.

From a specific AoE community with Offline matches, the peak matches through the livestream are more popular. The confrontation between Vietnam and China among the leading names in Vietnam such as the Sparrows of the Sun, Hong Anh or BiBi with the great players of the Chinese empire such as Sister Luyen, Tien Nhu Vu. ShenLong, Tieu Thuy Ngu received a lot of attention from AoE fans on Facebook.

Outstanding among the gamers who have the most viewers is the Greatest Player AoE Vietnam Sparrow Goes to the Sun. At the Central Vietnam Shenzhen 2019, the AOE Trung Viet held in Shenzhen (China), the Singer Sparrow Goes Sun has set at a time three new “unprofitable” records of livestream on Facebook.

Among them, the record of the number of people watching the livestream on the official fanpage of Vietnamese gamer Go To Go sunshine reached 101,400 viewers at the same time brought pride to the AoE community in Vietnam without any one. which celebrity in Vietnam livestream has the number of viewers surpassing this number (this record has now been broken by the Sparrow’s Sun).

2. Big revenue, the number of AoE Streamer grows strongly

With the conditions of Facebook Gaming at the beginning, there were many gamers, even technicians, commentators AoE achieved the criteria to become an official partner of Facebook Gaming. At different rates, successful signing with Facebook Gaming to become a partner of Facebook brings in thousands of dollars worth of contracts that Facebook pays for gamers through leading AoE companies. of Vietnam such as GameTV, VEC …

Also from here, the issue of how long the AoE Vietnamese community has been resolved. AoE gamers are assured to play, dedicating to the fans of the Vietnamese empire in the peak matches. They can confidently live as a gamer from the income that Facebook Gaming brings. AoE matches with the intensity, frequency continuously in all time frames meet the needs of the AoE fan community.

How Facebook Gaming has brought AoE Vietnam to its peak and its consequences | Esports

Becoming a partner of Facebook Gaming helps gamers have a stable income.

3. The AoE community has grown, with donors beginning to be interested in this market

With attracting a large number of viewers through the livestream on Facebook, many famous brands became interested in AoE audience market and decided to invest in this market.

Successive AoE clans get official sponsorship deals from well-known Vietnamese brands. Obviously, the livestreams that attract the audience are the fertile market for businesses to decide to invest in AoE clans so that their brands can be promoted through live competitions on Facebook.

How Facebook Gaming has brought AoE Vietnam to its peak and its consequences | Esports

The AoE Clan Vietnam is sponsored by famous brands.

It can be seen that Facebook Gaming has really changed the AoE Vietnam community, turning a unique gaming community to be more popular among the fan community through live livestreams.

And because of that great influence, when Facebook Gaming decided to cut a series of contracts with gamers who did not meet the contract criteria, the AoE community began to have bad influences. What effect is that in particular? Welcome to the audience in the following article “Consequences of Facebook Gaming cutting a series of contracts with AoE gamers”

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