How dust wreaks havoc on your PC over the years, here is the answer for you

However, very few people explain to you why dust makes your computer more susceptible to failure. What did they actually do to be listed as the number 1 enemy of the computer? If you have the same questions then you are looking for the right place. Because all of the above questions will be answered in this article.

Dust reduces heat dissipation performance

If you do not know, then when the rotors inside the case start to spin, they will also create friction with the air. Since then accidentally turn the propeller into a “magnet” vacuum cleaner. That’s not to mention if you put your PC bin on the ground (where dirt and hair are most present), or have a habit of smoking near your PC, for example. You will allow a greater amount of dirt to enter the case and stick to the heatsink blades.

This not only reduces the fan’s ability to blow air, but also impairs convection of the air inside the case. This leads to inefficient heat dissipation of the whole system.

Dust makes the fan spin a lot louder

This problem follows another, also because dust filling the fan blades causes heat dissipation to be reduced, and there is not enough cooling for the CPU and GPU. This causes the fan to spin at a greater speed to allow enough heat to dissipate the CPU, thereby creating a lot more noise than usual.

How dust wreaks havoc on your PC over the years here is the answer for you | PC/Console

Therefore, if one day you feel the noise emanating from your PC when using it, it may not be because your PC is “old” but because the computer is getting too much dust.

Dust affects PC performance

It is also because the heatsinks are not working effectively, resulting in reduced heat dissipation, causing CPU performance to squeeze. Squeezing the performance so that the CPU does not overheat during use but affects the user experience such as slow computer, lag, reduced responsiveness, etc. And those CPUs that do not squeeze performance when overheating will happen unexpected shutdowns or Windows crashes etc.

Therefore, you should try to keep your PC clean and periodic cleaning, to avoid the case of dirt that accumulates in pieces causing the problems that I just mentioned above.

So I have completed for you what dirt did to make your PC easily damaged. Thank you for watching!

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