How does life work on the world’s most crowded island – a population density 9 times greater than T.P.Ho Chi Minh?

If you are bored with the crowded city life, you can spend some time on an offshore island, travel alone or with a couple of relatives to enjoy a rare peaceful moment in hustle and bustle. But not all islands are quiet! Off the north of Colombia, there exists a vast patch of land dubbed the “the world’s most cramped island”: 1,200 people crowded the land with two football fields placed side by side.

However, the peaceful atmosphere still exists in Santa Cruz del Islote, so that people living in this cramped environment do not want to give it up. People on the island live on fishing, some people work on neighboring islands with jobs such as cooking, cleaning or tour guides. In the evening, they returned to the cramped but cozy island.

Please watch a short video about Santa Cruz del Islote, the most crowded island on Earth:

Santa Cruz del Islote: The most crowded island in the world.

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