How does Galaxy A01 change the mind about smartphones under 3 million?

An office worker with a salary of over 20 million dong / month, Vo Tin (27 years old, Hanoi) has been using the phone for a long time. The last time he used a popular smartphone was probably the last year in college, a “brick” standard with a small screen, a thick machine, slow touch, blurred camera, wait a few minutes with “loading” to social networks. …

Recently, Vo Tin has a need to purchase an “extra” phone to support customer consultancy. He was collided by a colleague, a master of “grapefruit trade”, to put his hands on the Galaxy A01 newly launched during the New Year of Samsung, in red, for only 2.79 million to try it out. The thought that the phone under 3 million can only be “brick” has completely changed when he held the Galaxy A01 in his hand.

The first impression is the Infinity-V screen with edge-to-edge, 5.7 inch large size, small notch and possesses an amazingly thin design, only 8.3mm and can be considered as the thinnest price range. Normally, if you look at a slim phone under half a finger burning, you will have to spend VND 5-7 million or more. Not only has the concept of a cheap device been smashed, the Galaxy A01 is also quite light for a comfortable grip without long-term use, a rough plastic back with little sweat or fingerprints.

How does Galaxy A01 change the mind about smartphones under 3 million | Mobile

The sharp display quality of Samsung displays has never disappointed users. On Galaxy A01, it is still the same, though it is only in the segment below 3 million. Going to work outdoors, opening a pager, Mr. Tin saw the screen automatically adjust the brightness to a high level, without causing dazzling. Another plus point is the stability from Android 10 operating system, the latest One UI interface, the feeling of being used is very familiar as the flagship. Although the machine does not have a physical fingerprint sensor, but in return is equipped with face unlock quite convenient.

How does Galaxy A01 change the mind about smartphones under 3 million | Mobile

After the need to contact customers, Mr. Tin suddenly thought of buying as a gift for his younger sister at level 3. Good design, the red version is suitable for women, but needs to evaluate more camera features. , surf the web, watch movies, play games, watch TikTok, access Facebook … before choosing as a teen gift.

Samsung must have favored the Galaxy A01 with a 13MP dual-aperture camera with f / 2.2 aperture and a 2MP sensor that measures depth like a more expensive smartphone. Fast shutter speed, good focus, sharp quality, HDR is good, the water is pretty flattering, not to mention full of automatic beauty features, take pictures to remove fonts. 5MP front camera, there are many funny effects, beautify your face without downloading the app, more than enough to post selfies on social networks.

How does Galaxy A01 change the mind about smartphones under 3 million | Mobile

The Galaxy A01 can handle simple games like Surway Surfer, Temple Run, Alto’s Advanture and even the Mobile Alliance at moderate graphics (30fps) thanks to the powerful eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 chip. 2GB RAM is fine but should not open too many tasks at once. 16GB memory is enough to store the entire 3-year photo “best devil, second ghost, third pupil” as a souvenir. But if “full” capacity, you can invest a little more to expand the memory card to 512GB.

Last is the 3,000mAh battery. Although today’s Samsung flagships have a battery capacity of up to 4,500mAh, Tin believes that 3,000mAh is more than enough for students who are still sitting on a school chair to listen to 6 lessons a day. Equipping 2 sim 2 waves is also quite “economical” for teenagers who have high demand.

Below VND 3 million, Galaxy A01 is rated as a “delicious, complementary, cheap” smartphone that meets all basic needs of students. If you step back 1-2 years ago, the features of the machine are equivalent to the middle segment of 6-8 million VND. Compared to the present, Samsung has cut a few high-end features but still too bargain compared to the price of 2.79 million. Moreover, the Samsung brand is also very yummy when buying as a “secondary” phone or as a gift for loved ones.

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