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How do Westerners classify souls?

Usually, many people believe that only Eastern countries believe ghost It’s true, but Western countries are no exception. According to statistics, there will be 5 out of 5 Americans … 2 people believe that there are ghosts in the world, and sometimes 1 in 2 people will assure that they have ever met ghosts (whether lie, or not , or they mistakenly think). Anyway, there are always good explanations for that?

Even if they did not believe, they were still afraid as usual.

Even the activities related to spirituality in the West … are relatively common. They have the opportunity, see the future through astrology, including soul-calling. Although later, the Fox sisters – the two who initiated the soul-inviting movement in the West – both admitted that they “cheated” people. But the reality is that then nothing has changed at all, public opinion still has the confidence as usual.

For example, if you ask a lady, “Do you believe ghosts are real?”, They will answer, “Do I believe ghosts are real? Perhaps, but I’m still scared as usual.” ”

For Westerners, ghosts have many shapes and types. So, let’s categorize with us.

1. Ghost of the king

The common feature of spirits of this type is: always returning to a certain place, often seen by different people. However, they did nothing to the living, as if the world around them had nothing to do with them.

They return because of an instant death or because they are still unfinished there, often interacting with the living in the most restrictive way possible. You know the stories of “hitchhikers” being continually stirred by filmmakers throughout 7749 times?

How do Westerners classify souls | Khám phá

The stories of hitchhikers (or horse-drawn cars) then suddenly disappear without a trace, which is nothing new. They are basically dead souls. If you are not being rude to them, they will never proactively attack us, but will tend to be gentle, as quiet as possible. What they want is simply to fulfill their wish, to return somewhere, or something they want to do while alive. Overall, this is still one of the most famous urban legends in history.

2. The spirit announces the news

How do Westerners classify souls | Khám phá

There are two types of message spirits. One is that from a distance, like a living person, often appears to warn that the person is about to experience a serious event.

The second type are spirits who appear to convey a certain message, or a message from someone who has passed away. However, they cannot speak, but often use gestures or signs to communicate.

3. Haunted spirit

These are ghost spirits with many resentments, often reacting, following haunts and causing problems for people living, or a specific area.

4. “Poltergeist”

How do Westerners classify souls | Khám phá

In German, this name means “disturbing ghost”, or can be understood as “noisy ghost”. But basically they did nothing but specialize in knocking on walls or throwing objects all over the place, making the indoor atmosphere become noisy. According to the Western concept, the Poltergeists often appear before teenagers, perhaps because they are attracted to them?

5. Cold ghost

These invisible souls are like cold air, making people feel like they are wandering around in haunted places. Of course they don’t do anything to others, simply “cross the road”.

6. Ghost voice

How do Westerners classify souls | Khám phá

Mysterious voices appear unexplained in voice messages, on radio, or on other electronic recording devices in haunted places.

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