How do I see how much money you’ve spent on Steam?

At the present time, spending money buy favorite gamesBlockbuster games for entertainment are no longer a luxury thing for gamers anymore.

This is also considered as an act to pay tribute to the game development team, for the great experiences they bring.

Buying a game is like going shopping, there are great discounted items and even though you know it never touches, you can still buy it.

And our gamer brothers often joke with each other: If you can get back the money you loaded to buy games, buy items in the game, you will be able to buy houses, four-wheelers, computers, … already !

So have you ever wondered how much money you have burned into game markets or not? Yes ! To answer that question, in this article I will guide you in detail how to See exactly how much money is spent on the Steam Market Please !

How to see how much money you’ve spent on Steam

In this article, I will guide you to see this information on Valve’s Steam, the reason I chose it is because Steam has been considered the most popular and major distribution platform for computer copyrighted games. current.

This is also the place that gave me the first concepts and experience of copyrighted games on the computer. Yes, in order to get money out of gamers’ pockets:

Lord GabeN – Gaben Newell, founder and currently the owner of Steam – has extremely strong discounts in major sales of the year such as Black Friday, Winter Sale, Summer Sales, Autumn Sales, …, counting also nearly 10 such sales in a year.

Because the price is too bargain, many gamers, including myself, have a few “hands over the forehead”. Even accepting money to buy games never touched or not configured enough to play.

How do I see how much money you ve spent on Steam | Game

+ Step 1: How to view the amount of money spent on Steam is not difficult at all, you must first open the Steam Client and enter the account you want to check this information.

In the main window of Steam, click Help and choose Steam Support in the menu that appears to open the platform’s user support page.

How do I see how much money you ve spent on Steam | Game

NOTE: If you are using the phone and have no Steam Client then you can completely do it directly on the web platform.

Access to SteamCommunity ( and proceed to log into the Steam account you want to check as usual.

Then you will immediately see the entry Support in the horizontal menu bar => Click on it and you will also open the User Support section like on Steam Client.

How do I see how much money you ve spent on Steam | Game

+ Step 2: At the page Hỗ trợ người dùng This, there will be many items for you to choose from depending on the problem you are having such as: Game, Software, Steam Client, Exchange of Items, Gift of Games, Items, Market Items and Steam Points, …

And in this article we need to find out how much money we have burned into Steam, so please click on the section My Account Please !

How do I see how much money you ve spent on Steam | Game

+ Step 3: Here you will find solutions for problems related to account information, Family Sharing, Steam Guard and Steam Guard Mobile, Phone Number.

Also you can access this page => then select Help me sign in to my account when you have problems logging in and using the platform. Now choose Data Related to your Steam Account to continue.

How do I see how much money you ve spent on Steam | Game

+ Step 4: There will be a lot of items appear, but you don’t care, just scroll down and select the line External Funds Used in section Account to go to the next step.

How do I see how much money you ve spent on Steam | Game

+ Step 5: And here is a summary of the money I burned into Steam to buy games and do many other things in it:

  • Total Spend: It is the total amount of money you have spent on Steam from the date of account creation to the present time => This is what we are looking for.
  • Old Spend: Amount of money you spent on Steam before April 17, 2015. Also, the time when Steam tightened management of accounts Clone, Spam, scam, … and never made any transactions. These accounts will be categorized as Limited User Account and limited some functions such as unable to send friends to others, unable to level up on SteamCommunity, … and some other community features. Because this Steam account I created from August 11, 2018, this item will definitely be $ 0
  • PW Spend: The money spent on Perfect World, for those who do not know, Perfect World Entertainment is a Chinese game company responsible for the management of two Valve games. CS: GO and Dota 2 in this country. And since we are Vietnamese, this entry will also be 0 $.

As you can see in the picture, the amount you spend falls on about 5 Million VND, like this it will take a long time to buy a car, get home =))

Also note that this is the money you load into Steam by yourself, not including Giftcards given or entering the code.

How do I see how much money you ve spent on Steam | Game


So I have just finished showing you how to See the total amount spent on Steam, the money you burned into the Steam platform to buy games and do other things.

It is best for you not to let your parents, lover or wife see this information if you regularly buy the game above, if you do not want to fall into a situation of tears =))

Hope this article will be useful for you. Good luck !

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