How did Dopa ‘crush’ Faker just with his stance control and Teleportation?

Dopa and Faker Although there has never been a public competition, they are always compared as the 2 most famous names of League of Legends, and at the same time also represents 2 different extremes. Faker is the logo of a professional superstar, a “national player”, while Dopa has long played the role of the villain, the plowing boss …

Because of that, the fact that Dopa and Faker confront each other in an official event is just a dream of the gaming community, and we are only allowed to see these two outstanding people occasionally competing in matches. single rating.

Recently, a Youtube channel called Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides has posted an extremely detailed analytical video clip about a confrontation between Dopa and Faker, where Dopa was the absolute winner thanks to the script. experience and rich knowledge about every aspect of the game, from the general, the soldiers, the ability to use auxiliary spells to the tricks can be said to be extremely “filter core”.

In the first half of the video, this Youtube channel analyzes Orianna’s confrontation – A long-sleeved general in Dopa’s hand, with Sylas – a short-sleeved general, to highlight his ability to read the match and offer options. Control this male streamer’s flexible soldier stance.

How DOPA COUNTERS ANNOYING MELEE Champions (Including FAKER) – Mid Guide

The second half of the clip, the author was given a more “attractive” example, which is the match between Orianna of Dopa and Akali of Faker. Contrary to Sylas’s case, this time, Dopa chose to push soldiers from the beginning, because unlike Sylas, Akali did not have enough tools and facilities to carry out a situation of approaching the opponent before the level. 3.

That put Faker in a close position of minions, and every time Akali took the minions, he also suffered from gory situations and pressured Orianna’s position. Not only that, the next situation is a remarkable highlight showing the “gritty head” style of the single rank boss.

How did Dopa crush Faker just with his stance control and Teleportation | Esports

After pushing the first soldier’s turn, Dopa moved to the grassy riverbank and then back onto the road, a maneuver that made the opponent think he had just got an eye patch. As a result, Faker was deceived, Akali pinged the area where Dopa had just moved, signaling that his eyes were just plugged in.

This action caused Graves on Faker’s side to not dare to invade the jungle, because in the early levels, if Graves encountered Kayn of team Dopa in the forest, Kayn would have absolutely no chance to fight. At the same time, Dopa himself also avoids the interference of a situation of moving from the bottom half of the map to gank the opponent’s Mid lane.

How did Dopa crush Faker just with his stance control and Teleportation | Esports

Dopa pretended to go to the river to plug his eyes

How did Dopa crush Faker just with his stance control and Teleportation | Esports

Faker “trapped” and pinged his eyes in the area where Dopa had just disappeared

How did Dopa crush Faker just with his stance control and Teleportation | Esports

Exactly 1 minute and 30 seconds later (Totem Eye duration), the red team’s Graves will gank Mid lane. Apparently Graves timed it since Faker pings his eyes and waited for that “eye” to expire before ganking. This means that Dopa even controlled the direction of the enemy Forest’s movement with just one gesture. Graves ganking was of course also part of Dopa’s plan, and he was unharmed after this phase

The plan worked, Dopa continued to take advantage of Faker’s blood clotting with his skills and basic attacks. At this point, the situation is exactly the same as Sylas, but Faker is not a fuzzy rookie, with the choice of Doran Shield equipment, combining the Gem Footsteps point and the Second Wind, keeping the blood volume not at critical level, but given the progression in the sugar area, Orianna still took full initiative.

The next notable situation was Faker’s Teleport, the creator of the clip suggested that if they were a regular player, they would save Teleport during this phase, due to Akali’s low minion clearance speed, and minion stance. of the opponent will not make it to the turret.

But Dopa is more calculating, generous use of Teleportation helps Dopa accomplish all three purposes: Continuing the advantage of pushing sugar and taking Faker’s blood, preventing Faker from clearing his troops and roaming, and most importantly was to limit his opponent to level 6 earlier and lead to a bloody situation where the one at the disadvantage would be Orianna.

How did Dopa crush Faker just with his stance control and Teleportation | Esports

Dopa uses Teleport even though Faker’s wave is very far away

With just that one Teleportation, Dopa has prevented any potential harm. This is a testament to the thinking and vision of this guy. The development after that was completely in a “everything is done” situation, Faker’s posture became at a disadvantage, forcing this guy to make the choice of exchanging moves to dry blood with Orianna, to match the skill Dopa’s custom had an advantage, and after that, Akali was also defeated relatively simply when Team Dopa’s Forest appeared to clear the end.

How did Dopa crush Faker just with his stance control and Teleportation | Esports

Orianna’s R was difficult to hit Akali, but Dopa used the brief “1 second delay” between Akali’s R1 and R2 time to hit the target.

Of course, the situation in the clip above is just a specific example, it is not always possible for Dopa to defeat Faker, or to broadly, to execute his plan to control his posture. However, it is also the most obvious example showing Dopa’s superior knowledge and ability to exploit resources in the game, one of the factors that create a unique position and visibility. Your enjoyment in League of Legends history.

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