How beneficial is Bodhi Bodhi’s Dharma Eye?

In Journey to the west, Bodhi To Su took refuge in Tay Nguu Ha Chau, in “Linh Dai Phuong Thon Son, Ta Nguyet Tam Tinh Cave”. “Linh Dai Phuong Than Son” is abbreviated with the first and last words “Linh Son”, “Ta Nguyet Tam Tinh” is the object in heaven, referring to “the sky”. Unifying them is: “Heavenly Spirit Mountain”.

Bodhidharma is one of the most mystical characters Journey to the west.

In the beginning of the Journey to the west, the martial arts of the Bodhi To Master disciples are mentioned to be extremely diverse, there are masters like Little Dao Dong with the middle finger spewing fire. Bodhidharma is also an expert at the 108 Laws of Heaven and Earth, in addition he also has extremely beneficial Eye Dharma, can distinguish good from evil and can see things in the past or future in the future. 500 years.

However, who is the whereabouts or origin of Bodhidharma, perhaps we cannot know if we just stop at reading or watching. Journey to the west. The name Bodhidharma actually just means a pure teacher who attained enlightenment under the bodhi tree.

How beneficial is Bodhi Bodhi s Dharma Eye | Manga/Film

Bodhidharma is a cultivator of the Eye of the Dharma who can distinguish good from evil and can see things in the past or future for 500 years.

Talk about the benefits of the Bodhi Guru’s Dharma Eye. That year when deciding to expel Sun Wukong, he said: “If you leave later, you will definitely cause harm, absolutely not say I am your master, if you mention my name half a word, I will know and appear, makes human souls fly down to the Nine U’s, forever not transformed “.

Based on the words and deeds of Bodhidharma, it is understandable that he inherently saw the future of Wukong, even when he took Wukong as a disciple because he did what he saw. before.

After this, indeed, Wukong caused so many earthquakes that he was imprisoned under Ngu Hanh mountain for 500 years. It was an arrangement from his number of lives, hard to force heaven, the patriarch, even though he was foreseen, could not reveal it.

How beneficial is Bodhi Bodhi s Dharma Eye | Manga/Film

After completing the transmission to Sun Wukong, Bodhidharma was completely lost in the Three Realms.

Bodhidharma knew that this disciple’s name had great abilities, although stubbornly causing disaster, but hidden in the way of monks, able to cultivate righteousness. So, Bodhidharma who chased Wukong away was just laying the foundation for Wukong, saying goodbye to Wukong on the way to study the Dao.

The fact that Bodhidharma taught Sun Wukong 72 Geography spells was also a precondition for Wukong to have a little “capital” in the long long traveling four seas.

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