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Hot! VNG has an official move to officially release Alliance: Express War in Vietnam

On October 16, Riot announced it would League of Legends Open Beta: Quick War in some Southeast Asian markets. In fact, all ten countries in this region have Riot permission to log into the Sea server. Only Vietnam is different, Vietnamese gamers are forced to wait until December (as expected) to officially experience League: Express War.

Exactly a month earlier, on September 16, on the League of Legends Fanpage: The main government with a green mark of Facebook’s power posted a notice “League of Legends: Express will also be affected and we regret to announce that the Vietnamese market will not be able to participate in Closed Beta at the same time as other markets.

We thank Vietnamese players for their commitment and support to League of Legends, as well as for the passionate interest in Riot Games’ new games. We, together with VNG issuers, is doing his best to find solutions to help Vietnamese players can soon experience League: Express Chien. ”

Thus, Riot has confirmed that VNG is the unit that will issue the Alliance: Express War in Vietnam. It is still not clear whether VNG and Riot will release the Alliance: Toc Chien under a co-publishing mechanism or VNG will have a 100% product in hand. However, the more important thing at the present time that many gamers are concerned about is when League of Legends: Rapid War will be officially launched in Vietnam.

Hot VNG has an official move to officially release Alliance Express War in Vietnam | Mobile & Social

Perhaps, this question of the player will soon have an answer when recently, still on the main League Fanpage: Speed ​​War in Vietnam. post an announcement as follows:

Dear friends,

As you all know, League of Legends: Rapid War preparing to dock in Vietnam And we want to give you a surprise pre-launch gift!

That gift is Offline event – Bring Vietnamese gamers in all parts of the country an amazing journey with lots of interesting things and unexpected gifts from League of Legends: Express War!

Hot VNG has an official move to officially release Alliance Express War in Vietnam | Mobile & Social

This is really a unique PR – Marketing and “play quality” of League: Toc Chien when bringing this game from the virtual world to real life with a journey even “across Vietnam” from the North to the South. This move shows that VNG and also Riot have ready to release Alliance: Speed ​​War In the Vietnamese market, the first step is to cover this brand in all parts of the country.

As such, though having to face Risk of being “blocked” at any time from Riot Games at server Sea, but with the League: Speed ​​Chien being officially released in Vietnam, this does not make gamers feel uncomfortable. We will continue to update information about League: Rapid War in the future.

Update more latest information of League: Speed ​​War on the Fanpage of this game at Here!

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