Horror and brain hack, these 7 movies are worthy only with infinite IQ to dare to watch

When ordinary movies with simple plots are no longer enough to make you high. Well, these cinematic masterpieces make you feel like you’re lost in a labyrinth of illusions. Situations force your brain to spin to understand what the hell is going on in front of you. However, accompanied by sensational details horror It makes you both scared and bewildered.

The Shining

It’s rare to talk about movies that give the audience a “headache” because they have to think, but to challenge the audience, make us constantly think, and fear and haunt at the same time is rare such as “The Shining”, for example.

The film tells the story of Jack – a writer, and his family come to the Overlook Hotel to work as a manager and look after the hotel through the winter. However, they do not know that the Overlook Hotel is built on the old Indian cemetery. The old manager here went crazy and killed his two daughters. Jack believes it’s just a coincidence and the tranquility here will help him write the novel. But then a series of grisly, mysterious events took place, turning Jack into a murderer.

The Witch

Horror and brain hack these 7 movies are worthy only with infinite IQ to dare to watch | GameK

Based on historical records 400 years ago, The Witch is one of those movies horror The most complex and confusing, because it is presented with an outdated perspective on the image of witches.

The film is about the life of a Puritan family, who were kicked out of their home and had to live next to the forest. A chain of strange events starting with the disappearance of a newborn baby strikes their family: crop failure, a missing second son, and the appearance of a mysterious witch in the woods.

The Witch reflects a historical era through the life of this pious family, alongside fears, doubts, and beliefs about the existence of demons. The film is a layer of concepts, mixing reality with fictional material of movies, making it impossible for viewers to understand which part is real and which part is just a movie.

The Triangle

Horror and brain hack these 7 movies are worthy only with infinite IQ to dare to watch | GameK

If you are looking forward to the movies horror brain hack, then The Triangle will be an attractive answer for you.

The film begins with the character Jess and the group of friends got on a boat to the sea, they found an abandoned ship and were killed one by one. However, what killed them was not the devil, but a different version of themselves.

Just like that, even when leaving the ship, the loop still doesn’t end. Many forums on the internet suggested that the loop was caused by Jess who died in the car accident, along with her son. Because of guilt, Jess’s soul is trapped in an endless loop, unable to get out until she forgives herself.

Shutter Island

Horror and brain hack these 7 movies are worthy only with infinite IQ to dare to watch | GameK

Not only horror, brain damage, but Shutter Island gives the audience indescribable emotions when going deeper into the film, the plots, the complexity but very strange.

The film tells the story of two policemen, Teddy Daniels, and his partner Chuck Aule, participating in the investigation of the disappearance of a woman named Rachel Solando. This is a patient of the Ashecliffe Hospital for the mentally ill on Shutter Island, Boston. The reason is because she killed her 3 children. Teddy believes she’s just hiding on the island.

Thanks to his excellent detective skills, he managed to find suspicious spots because Ashecliffe’s management seems to have been and continues to hide something shady. Things gradually became clearer when these people refused to provide information. However, a sudden storm hit the island and isolated it from the outside world, leaving 2 policemen stranded here. The longer he stayed on the island, the more Teddy himself found many clues, but also gradually doubted everything.


Horror and brain hack these 7 movies are worthy only with infinite IQ to dare to watch | GameK

Oculus (Mirror Ghost), is a horror film that requires viewers to think and ponder a lot to understand. The film revolves around the Russell family and the tragedies befell them by the cursed mirror. Using a narrative that weaves between past and present, illusion and reality, Oculus is one of the most confusing and complicated films of all time.

To explain briefly, we can understand that the mirror is the source of everything that happened to Kaylie and Tim’s family when they were both children. It gives illusions, and it cannot be destroyed. When they were both grown up, it once again brought back painful memories of their families and created new tragedy. The mirror won again, and all the souls who died because of it were trapped with it forever.

The Wailing

Horror and brain hack these 7 movies are worthy only with infinite IQ to dare to watch | GameK

An Asian film also excelled in this top film. The film is a horror masterpiece that combines elements of bloody murder, detective and extremely scary ghosts.

The Wailing is set in a mountain village in South Korea. Since the arrival of a mysterious visitor from Japan, a deadly disease has enveloped the whole village. Infected people turn into lunatics killing entire families.

When digging deeper into the investigation, police officer Jong Goo gradually discovered the gruesome truth. At the same time, his family also became victims of the evil disease. The success of The Wailing comes from the creepy, dark and fuzzy atmosphere throughout the duration. Terrifying events with no explanation are gradually chained to lead to a haunting ending.


Horror and brain hack these 7 movies are worthy only with infinite IQ to dare to watch | GameK

Hereditary is considered one of the best horror masterpieces in the world over the years. With many scenes even enough to haunt the veteran audience of this series, Hereditary sketches the tragedy of the Graham family, thereby incorporating many subtle metaphors about spirituality and religion.

Hereditary is still a story about ghosts and exorcisms, but it is placed from a different perspective, with a different presentation. And that the nightmare here doesn’t come directly from lurking, intimidating ghosts, it belongs to a long-standing genetic secret. Something clinging to their roots

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