Hong Kim Bao revealed the scene that Jackie Chan did not dare to take

Referring to the martial arts stars of the Chinese-language entertainment industry, besides such cult names as Bruce Lee, Thanh Long, Ly Lien Kiet … it is impossible not to mention Hong Kim Bao.

“Fat Big Brother” or “Big Belly” is a nickname that many viewers call Hong Kim Bao. Although his body is big and fat, weighing nearly 100 kg, his beautiful martial arts moves have left a lot of impression on the audience.

Hong Kim Bao is a famous martial arts star for a while.

However, in recent years, Hong Kim Bao’s health has declined. He underwent numerous leg surgeries, often in a wheelchair and with a cane to attend the event.

On November 9, HK01 reported that Hong Kim Bao was a guest on the program Health HiEggo. The actor appeared in good health and spirit, with a rosy face.

“I am very healthy, unlike many rumors circulating on the Internet. I am confident that I will live a long time, but the laws of nature make us fulfill this wish. From filming to Now, I am not afraid of anything. Therefore, in the future, even if we face death, Hong Kim Bao is still calmly accepted, “said the veteran martial arts star.

Hong Kim Bao revealed the scene that Jackie Chan did not dare to take | Manga/Film

Hong Kim Bao appeared in a healthy state in a recent interview.

During the interview, the martial arts star talked about the bitter past and the terrible accidents that have been encountered in more than a decade of martial arts-action movies.

The actor told during the filming of the movie Shaolin subjectThere is an acrobatic scene from the 2nd floor to the ground with a distance of 5 m, neither Thanh Long nor Nguyen Bau dares to do it. In order not to slow down the progress, Hong Kim Bao stormed the battle directly. The jump caused him to be thrown 4m away, injuring his spine and knee.

“At that time I was young, in good health and I practiced martial arts for a long time, all of those injuries meant nothing to me. It took me just over a week to be able to fight again. It’s another story, “he happily said.

Hong Kim Bao revealed the scene that Jackie Chan did not dare to take | Manga/Film

In recent years, Hong Kim Bao’s health has clearly declined.

Hong Kim Bao was born in 1952, with the birth name Hong Tam Mao. He was born into a family of rich artistic traditions, his maternal grandmother was Jian Tu Anh, a famous martial arts actress in the early days of Chinese cinema.

The name Hong Kim Bao in the 80s-90s of the last century is a name that endorses Hong Kong (China) cinema. Hong Kim Bao appeared in a series of famous films such as The Five Stars (1983), Immortal Dragon (1988), Little happiness (1988) and many “life” roles like Bach Mi in Thuc painting stories (2000), the villain in Satat Lang, the mafia boss in My favorite … Hong Kim Bao is classified as “godfather”, “big brother” of the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

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