Home Wifi Viettel – Score 10 quality technology era 4.0

Home Wifi of Viettel is known as a device that supports modern wifi signal amplification. Connected together into a unified system, so that it can support strong enough wifi network coverage to every corner in each house, office, shop, … more effectively.

Home Wifi – Overcome the disadvantages encountered by the traditional Wifi system

With the introduction of the home wifi package Viettel makes internet access of all devices from computers and phones faster and easier in the home. In particular, when using home wifi, it will help limit Internet interruption, or eliminate weak and inaccessible wifi areas.

Home Wifi Viettel is rated with 10 quality points when it brings outstanding advantages such as:

– Extend wifi coverage in the house easily through the installation of home wifi device Viettel in many different positions in the house.

– Experience Viettel internet service Unlimited high speed from gaming, watching HD / 4K video, Video Call,… without interruption.

– Easily set up and manage from remote control, turn on / off, and block wifi sharing in many locations directly with a very convenient smartphone.

– It doesn’t take time to reconnect to wifi every time you go out or move to another location, because the Home Wifi system uses the same SSID.

– Set up a smart apartment in the 4.0 era when it is possible to help everyone control sound, light, curtains, camera, air conditioner … easily and conveniently.

– Home Wifi Viettel device is modern, compact, does not need wiring, easy installation, so it does not affect the aesthetics of the apartment at all.

– Home Wifi package prices are quite diverse, with many different prices, so it can completely meet all the needs and finances of households or small and medium businesses.

– The device provides quite high data transmission rates, up to 2000Mbps, and prioritizes 5GHz internet access so that users can enjoy all utilities without worrying about interruptions.

– Register for Home Wifi Viettel package is free to watch 4 K + TV channels to experience attractive programs.

Home Wifi Viettel Score 10 quality technology era 4 0 | Live

Perfect experience with Home Wifi Viettel device

With great benefits when registering an interesting Home Wifi package, Viettel Group has provided many different rates of packages to meet all the needs of users. Here are some specific Home Wifi Viettel packages applied in Ho Chi Minh area for everyone to refer to:

– Super Net 2: 50Mbps, 260,000 – 280,000 VND / month

– Super Net 3: 80Mbps, 330,000 – 350,000 VND / month

– Super Net 4: 100Mbps, 370,000 – 390,000 VND / month

– Super Net 5: 200Mbps, 585,000 – 630,000 VND / month

Specifically, each package is promoted to be installed at home, with wifi modem + 2 Home Wifi devices installed in the house. However, when installing Super Net 5, 2 TV subscribers will be offered free of charge, corresponding to K + channel and super attractive VTV Cab. In addition, the customer is using the transmission line fiber optic cable Viettel If available, you can switch to Viettel home wifi package completely free

Home Wifi Viettel Score 10 quality technology era 4 0 | Live

Install Home Wifi at super preferential prices, experience endless fun

Moreover, when installing Home Wifi device, Viettel Ho Chi Minh will receive an attractive network connection. Customers who pay 6 months’ subscription fee will get 1 month, 12 months free 2 months.

With the Home Wifi solution completely suitable for all users to support overcoming the problems of the traditional wifi system such as:

– Wifi flicker when at one position to another in the same house, especially high-rise buildings.

– There are too many things in the house, making it difficult to connect all the waves.

– Multi-storey houses that want a strong network must install a modem on each floor to connect to the internet.

– Trading in cafes but wifi is not strong enough in many locations.

– The living area has many installed wifi, leading to conflicts.

Frequent internet experience crashes.

Home Wifi Viettel Score 10 quality technology era 4 0 | Live

Viettel Ho Chi Minh – Experience modern Wifi equipment

If you are facing the above problems, Home Wifi Viettel device will be the perfect choice. However, Viettel’s Home Wifi package is quite new, in some provinces or cities or Viettel stores have not yet been installed. So, if customers are interested and want to advise or register to use, can contact directly at Viettel Ho Chi Minh at the following address:

● Address: 285 CMT8, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City.

● Hotline: 0988.105.105 – 0986.105.105.

● Mail: [email protected]

● Website:

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