Hitman: Absolution gives 100% free, get 1 time, play forever

In the context of the Steam and Epic Games Store racing very hard, another famous game publishing platform is that GOG also does not want to be out of the game. After giving away The Witcher last week, GOG continues to bring an interesting gift this week. It is the blockbuster action hitman Hitman: Absolution.

According to the representative of GOG, the free distribution of Hitman: Absolution is to celebrate the launch of Hitman 3 (at the PlayStation 5 event last night) and also to pay tribute to gamers who have been with the platform for many years. .

It is known that Hitman: Absolution was launched in 2012 and is the 5th descendant of the long-running Hitman Series, the brainchild of IO Interactive. Absolution is enhanced image quality than its predecessors with Engine Glacier 2, creating a perfect combination of graphics and gameplay, one that has been successful and is a trademark of the Game series.

Hitman Absolution gives 100 free get 1 time play forever | PC/Console

Like the previous versions, players will still accompany the cloned assassin with the code 47 – the number comes from the sequence of barcodes on the back of his neck. In Absolution, 47 will begin its own path to rediscover the truth behind a dark conspiracy around itself, while being betrayed by those who have stood by themselves, trusted and hunted hard. by the authorities. Hitman: Absolution will take players to locations spread across the United States, especially Chicago.

To be able to download and play Hitman: Absolution for free, please visit here. As expected, the event will end on June 15 here.

For more information about free titles, please visit here.

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