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Hired to break into the ‘adult’ game house, two young Australians held each other in prison due to the wrong address

This bizarre incident took place in July 2019, Terrence Leroy and his accomplices were hired to an “adult” party through social networking site Facebook. The thing is, this secret customer has a pretty … salty taste.

He wants Leroy’s group to sneak into the house, tie himself up, use brooms to stroke his body while he is “naked” to make the game more … daring! After that, he provided the address and appointment of Leroy’s group to wait until the date of development. It is known that this daring guest lives in Griffith, New South Wales (Australia).

Leroy’s group did an excellent job, however, they acted the wrong address …

However, the plan failed from the opening scene: the guest moved but seemed to have forgotten to inform the group, and the two “actors” were so excited to wait for the “acting” day.

Completely oblivious to the fact that the guest had moved house, Leroy and his friends were so involved in the role that they even carried a … machete to increase the fun of the game, surely this guest will … very happy!

Hired to break into the adult game house two young Australians held each other in prison due to the wrong address | Khám phá

However, when Leroy came and called the customer in the dark, the group realized something was a little wrong. The new owner dreamily opened his eyes and was shocked to realize there were two men standing on the bed, holding a machete as if preparing to “kill” me ?!

After realizing the problem, Leroy graciously started to apologize to the victim and tried to “fall” to the real address of the other guest. However, this still made the new owner and immediately call the police to report the situation. While Leroy and his accomplices were staying at the guest’s house and being treated to a hearty meal, the police broke in and carried both of them to the station.

Reportedly, Leroy’s team is promised to pay $ 5,000 if they play “to dock”!

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