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Hieuthuhai competed in “assembling” the general with the 3Q Teenager Gamer

Follow the roadmap that fanpage Teenager 3Q announced, at 12:00 on November 16, Hieuthuhai will have an exchange, chat & game experience with Vietnamese gamers.

Official announcement from 3Q Teenager 3Q fanpage about “Talent” assemble “general” with guest livestream – Hieuthuhai at 12:00 on November 16.

The specific livestream program is as follows:

• Live stream – official fanpage:

• Content: Gamer demonstrates the talent of “rapping” the minister with Hieuthuhai; Intimate exchange between the King of Rap phenomenon with 3Q Teenager Gamer.

• Gifts: Hieuthuhai will donate 03 Hoodie jerseys and 03 3Q VNG Teenagers photo frames with their own autographs for the 3 luckiest people. Playground code is for all participants in Hieu’s livestream.

Information about the conversation with Hieuthuhai is currently being discussed actively by the 3Q Teenagers community, at the same time many people are eager to invite their friends to join the livestream on Monday.

Hieuthuhai competed in assembling the general with the 3Q Teenager Gamer | Mobile & Social

Hieuthuhai’s image appeared quite thick in identifying information of 3Q Teenager.

For those who do not know, Hieuthuhai is a prominent rapper among the 2020 King of Rap contestants. and an ear-catching voice. He has gained charisma from the beginning of the game and gradually asserted his place in the competition. Also from the King of Rap contest, young people began to know his name and give a lot of love to this guy.

Currently, in addition to continuing the King of Rap race, Hieuthuhai has invaded many other fields, including becoming the representative image of 3Q Teenager – the super product of the Three Kingdoms released on November 5. .

Hieuthuhai competed in assembling the general with the 3Q Teenager Gamer | Mobile & Social

Hieuthuhai & Lona Kieu Anh is also considered the “perfect duo” of 3Q Teenagers.

It is known that before that – when 3Q Teenager revealed the image of the representative, Hieuthuhai and Lona Kieu Loan, the gaming community was extremely excited. On the game’s release date, teacher Lona livestreamed to celebrate the launch game & gave newcomers gifts, the exchange had more than 57K views, recorded 1.5K interactions & more than 5.3K comments. The 3Q Teenager Board of Directors expects that Hieuthuhai’s livestream will be a special occasion for the gaming community of this game.

3Q Teenager – Asia’s No. 1 Three Kingdoms tactical product is currently stirring up the Vietnamese gaming community with excellent graphics – playing without taking your eyes, diverse coordination – flexible tactics to honor player skills, 7 days of plowing fast to receive “full” (full set) of Red General, red envelopes every day – change your life at hand & transform Kim Chess – change the situation.

Hieuthuhai competed in assembling the general with the 3Q Teenager Gamer | Mobile & Social

Play now 3Q Teenager from today.

Up to 10:00 am on November 14, 3Q Teenager has opened 16 servers, welcomed more than 50K gamers to experience, active in the game and outside the community.




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