Here it is, finally the perfect Sudoku application on iPhone has appeared

Sudoku is an intellectual game whose goal is to arrange the digits into a 9×9 square grid, so that each column, each row and in every 3×3 area must have 9 numbers from 1 to 9. Sudoku starts to turn should be popular when it was launched by Nikoli in 1986, although many studies show that variations of this game appeared in the 19th century. To date, Sudoku is considered one of the best puzzle games out there. sharpest and most attractive, attracts a lot of players around the world.

Programmer Zach Gage is also in this category. In fact, Zach initially had no interest in Sudoku, until he fumbled into the YouTube channel Crack the Cryptic. This is a gathering place for many “big hands”, specializing in performing incredible puzzles in Sudoku and many other intellectual games. Because of the complexity and ingenuity of such brain-hacking games, Zach realized the beauty of Sudoku and began to develop a passion for the subject. So he decided to partner with designer Jack Schlesinger to launch the Good Sudoku application on July 23rd on AppStore.

Not just a simple game, Good Sudoku also teaches players a lot of difficult techniques in sudoku and helps them understand the beauty of this discipline.

Zach said: “The inspiration inspired me to create this game simply because I wanted to learn how to play Sudoku. It sounds simple, but with the quality of the products available on the market today, it is not easy to do that.”.

Over the past few years, Zach has carried out a lot of projects that bring classic games to the smartphone platform, and of course there is a slight improvement to suit the taste of today’s players. When he started learning about Sudoku, he was extremely surprised by the number of applications related to this subject. But finding a truly quality app is a completely different story.

Zach shared: “Why can’t a great game, loved by millions, not have an app? I have to create a Sudoku game for myself”.

And indeed, it is true that Zach’s Good Sudoku possesses many advanced features that many other similar applications do not. First, it is designed in a minimalist style, both neat, good-looking, works well and brings the most perfect experience. In addition, it also divides a lot of different difficulty levels, suitable for both long-time players or beginners.

However, the best feature of Good Sudoku is the way this application guides and suggests to players in each specific screen, especially in difficult levels. Zach has used an AI system with the ability to make moves that players can use, and also provides information on some useful techniques in Sudoku, presented briefly and very easily followed. collection.

Here it is finally the perfect Sudoku application on iPhone has appeared | Live

Good Sudoku will be given suggestions as well as providing information on the techniques needed for each level.

In addition, Good Sudoku also provides many tools for players to practice the techniques they learn. Including convenient note system used in the case of guessing numbers, or when the player is unsure about his number choice. Whenever choosing a new difficulty level, Good Sudoku also informs them about the skills they need to be able to complete the screen in this difficulty level. Besides, Zach also finds ways to save time for players and eliminate the cumbersome “procedure” steps. For example, a vertical row has 8 numbers filled, when touching the last empty box, Good Sudoku will immediately give the missing number to the player to choose. They will have to spend time counting from the beginning to find out what is missing.

Despite owning a simple interface and gameplay, but Good Sudoku really “consumed” a lot of time of Zach and colleagues. In particular, the AI ​​system is the most complex, requiring more code than the rest of the application. Besides, the duo also spent 1 month to create hundreds of thousands of different screens on 4 computers, and then arrange and divide them according to different difficulty levels. Their ultimate goal is to make Good Sudoku both attractive and easy for newbies, but also challenging for experienced gamers.

If interested, readers can download and experience Good Sudoku for iOS here.

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