Here are six habits that make the difference between us and the rich, and it’s not what you imagine

T. Harv Eker – a famous author in the Canadian business field once said: “The simple problem: your income increases according to what you can do.”

It means that wealth will not only come from work, but also in the way we think and invest. A person is considered rich when they know how to make money. They invest hard, and return large profits from the initial small number.

1. Billionaires are not too interested in branded goods

A billionaire can certainly shop comfortably, choosing products from the most luxurious brands. Many do so, but others do not.

As Mark Zuckerberg can see as a typical example of the simple billionaire role model. The CEO of Facebook often wears very basic clothes, from cheap brands. In an interview, Zuckerberg once explained that this habit keeps him from getting distracted from his career goals.

Zuckerberg wears a gray shirt or shirt almost every day, because he thinks there should be fewer choices for everyday matters, so he will focus more on his work.

“It feels like I’m not doing anything if I focus my mind on trivial things in life. So dressing is simply the way I spend my energy devoted to (Facebook’s) products and services.”

Bill Gates – the 2nd richest person in the world also loves cheap brands. He often wears the Casio Illuminator W214H-1AB, with a value of about $ 24 (more than VND 550,000).

2. Eat healthy

Here are six habits that make the difference between us and the rich and it s not what you imagine | Live

Tony Robbins is a world famous author, speaker and philanthropist with an income of approximately 500 million dollars each year. With such a huge income, you would think every meal of Robbins will include steak, fine wine and countless other expensive dishes?

But not! In fact, Robbins regularly maintain a very healthy diet, enough to provide energy for 16 hours of work per day. According to Robbins personal trainer, he only eats eggs and bread for the morning, a large avocado salad for lunch, and potatoes and vegetables for dinner.

3. The rich will plan in advance

The common point of rich people is that they use their time very effectively. Tom Corley, author of “The Habits of the Rich”, points out that 81% of the rich maintain a habit of writing a list of plans for the day, while only 19% of the poor do so.

Corley believes that this is one of the most important habits for them. The list will include jobs that are about 80% likely to be completed during the day. And at night, they will sit down to review what they have done.

4. Separate work and private life

Here are six habits that make the difference between us and the rich and it s not what you imagine | Live

According to Murray Newlands, a successful businessman who worked with many super-rich people, taking an evening break is just as important as being productive during the day.

Newlands thinks that after 6pm, you should limit your work, practice habits separate from your personal life.

5. Rich people invest in relationships

Here are six habits that make the difference between us and the rich and it s not what you imagine | Live

Also according to Tom Corley, another habit of the rich that we should follow, that is to strengthen relationships. He believes that 79% of successful entrepreneurs will spend at least 5 hours a month to strengthen and expand their network of acquaintances.

This means that it is always advisable to remain connected to the rich, successful and willing to share experiences with you. It helps you avoid mistakes, because for the rich, one mistake will not be cheap.

6. Regularly read the news

The majority of the rich have the habit of reading books – like Warren Buffet. Every day, the 5th richest man in the world reads at least 6 newspapers.

“My work is mainly based on information, so reading and updating them regularly is very beneficial.” – Buffet explained in an interview.

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