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Here are 5 upgrades that change the most noticeable computer performance

However, prioritizing which components to upgrade is not easy. This article will guide you how to choose the components in your computer to upgrade effectively, best suited to your job.

1. Why upgrade RAM?

Replacing or adding more RAM is the most accessible upgrade method when it’s affordable, easy to implement and doesn’t require a lot of in-depth knowledge. Not only PCs, some laptops can also upgrade RAM.

According to MakeUseOf, upgrading RAM will improve slow PC performance. For heavy tasks such as gaming or video editing, the more RAM, the better.

For basic users, having more RAM will allow the computer to run multiple applications simultaneously smoothly, keeping multiple browser tabs open without reloading due to lack of RAM.

So how much RAM does your machine need?

– 4GB: Minimum number for basic needs, open about 10 browser tabs, edit simple photos and watch videos.

– 8GB: You will see a significant improvement when 8GB of RAM allows you to run many basic software at the same time, handle about 30 browser tabs, RAW image editing, light gaming …

– 16GB: For heavy tasks such as gaming, video editing, professional image editing …

2. Why upgrade the GPU?

Here are 5 upgrades that change the most noticeable computer performance | Gaming Gear

If you are a gamer or professional in the field of graphics, professional film production, you should probably upgrade the GPU. However, the cost of upgrading a GPU will usually be higher than RAM.

After about 1-2 years, the new games will be heavier, requiring higher processing power. If you really want the most eye-catching gaming experience, you should upgrade the GPU to newer.

In addition, if the computer uses a built-in GPU, you should also consider attaching a discrete GPU because some software such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro will work better when there is a discrete GPU. Mid-range GPUs usually cost less than VND 8 million, while some high-end models with new technology cost over VND 10 million.

3. Why upgrade a hard drive?

Here are 5 upgrades that change the most noticeable computer performance | Gaming Gear

There are two reasons to upgrade your hard drive: want to save more and want the computer to run faster.

If there is a need for large storage, or often frees the hard drive but still quickly filling up, you will need a larger capacity hard drive. A hard drive that has no more free space can also affect its performance. At least keep 10GB of free space for the operating system installation partition.

With a traditional HDD, you can upgrade the 5400rpm drive to 7200rpm (revolutions / minute) to slightly increase the speed.

However, if you want your computer to run significantly faster, switch to an SSD. This type of hard drive uses flash memory instead of a magnetic disk, so for faster speed, the likelihood of failure due to falling is also less than the HDD.

On average, a 5400rpm HDD gives a maximum write speed of 100Mbps, and a 7200rpm hard drive gives a maximum write speed of 150Mbps. However, this number is 500Mbps for SSD. Some more advanced lines also give speeds up to Gbps.

In short, a high-speed hard drive will impact your entire system, making it faster to boot, launch programs faster, load games faster, and the software responds faster.

In the past, the drawback of SSDs was small capacity, high price. Now, the problem has been partially solved. SSDs of 512GB now cost only about 2 million VND.

4. Why upgrade a CPU?

Here are 5 upgrades that change the most noticeable computer performance | Gaming Gear

Unlike the above components, upgrading the CPU is a bit harder and the cost is not cheap. More importantly, choosing the wrong CPU can make you unhappy.

You can visit to compare performance between different CPU models. In addition, if you want to upgrade the CPU, choose a more advanced CPU model, or a newer one because it will bring noticeably improved performance, such as upgrading from Core i3 to i5 or i7, or from life 7 to life 9, life 10.

It’s also important to note that upgrading a CPU is expensive, and you may need to upgrade your motherboard if the socket is incompatible. Even if the board is compatible, you need to pay attention to upgrade the BIOS for the CPU to work at its best.

Finally, if you feel the whole system is outdated and upgrading a lot of parts will be very expensive, you may want to consider buying a new computer.

5. What about software upgrades?

Here are 5 upgrades that change the most noticeable computer performance | Gaming Gear

Most software on the PC today is designed to update automatically. If not, you can check and update the software.

Most software updates will fix bugs and fix security holes. However, if the update adds new features, the software will be heavier and use more resources.

The same goes for operating systems. A major update with many new features will make the operating system heavier. Therefore, the PC hardware needs to be upgraded to meet the software.

6. What else is there to upgrade?

Here are 5 upgrades that change the most noticeable computer performance | Gaming Gear

Motherboards are the hardest to upgrade because they need to be compatible with all other components, otherwise you’ll need to buy new components. Therefore, upgrading the motherboard is only suitable when you assemble a new machine.

If you are a photographer or video editor, besides upgrading RAM, a high quality screen will support for better work.

You can use the PC Part Picker website to check and select the upgrade components that are compatible with your existing device.

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