Hello Neighbor – Hello Neighbor suddenly released part 2

Announced as part of the Xbox Games Showcase event, publisher TinyBuild has announced the sequel to the popular horror game Hello Neighbor in the form of Hello Neighbor 2. Hello Neighbor 2 was announced with a trailer introducing a whole new story, a new villain and the return to the haunted house of the old neighbor.

Accordingly, Hello Neighbor 2 seems to bring fear on a much larger scale than the original. The game takes players back to Raven Brooks as a local journalist investigating reports of missing people. The player’s investigation takes them back to the abandoned house of The Neighbor, where the fears begin again with a new villain that will attack the player.

Hello Neighbor Hello Neighbor suddenly released part 2 | PC/Console

After being acquired by publisher TinyBuild, Hello Neighbor 2 is being developed by Eerie Guest Studios (formerly Dynamic Pixels). TinyBuild has invested heavily in the Hello Neighbor game line with plans to expand it into many different gaming platforms. The series once launched a multiplayer version called Secret Neighbor.

Hello Neighbor 2 – Announcement Trailer

Like the first game, in Hello Neighbor 2 players sneak into the haunted house The Neighbor and explore the dungeon inside. The goal is still to try to avoid the old neighbor, solve some riddles and escape. The house seems to contain more scary and spooky images, surprising players at every corner.

Hello Neighbor Hello Neighbor suddenly released part 2 | PC/Console

Hello Neighbor 2 will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC in 2021, but currently an early alpha demo of Hello Neighbor 2 is available on Steam. This means that players can fully experience Hello Neighbor 2 right now, following this link.

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