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Heavy weapon for gamers – LG monitor 38GN950

Nothing can help you master the game easily by having a wider, faster and more detailed view to control every situation with the 38 “gaming monitor from LG 38GN950.

As a gamer and experiencing many devices, today I want to share about the LG 38GN950 gaming screen experience – a gaming monitor with a “super huge” size is sure to make you dream right away. First look with 3 advantages: design, performance and image quality

In terms of performance

LG 38GN950 has a size of 38 “, 4K screen with 21: 9 aspect ratio, resolution 3840 x 1600. The first impression when I sit in front of this screen is:” stars too wide! “, But after spreading In some games, the feel has completely changed

Heavy weapon for gamers LG monitor 38GN950 | Gaming Gear

The 21: 9 aspect ratio and moderate curvature give me the perfect viewing angle for many types of games. You don’t need to move your neck as much as you would when facing a large screen.

The high resolution and the same ratio as above will really be suitable for open world RPG games. With FPS games, the parameter that really makes me happy is the 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. This is also a factor that professional gamers first think about when choosing a monitor.

When I experience 2 FPS games that I usually “try hard” every day, they are CS: GO and COD: Warzone. The number of frames that CS: GO displays is always 170 fps or more with maximum setting. As for COD: War zone, the number of frames is achieved at 100-120 fps. Frame rate is the key factor determining victory, whether you are a newbie or a hardcore hardcore.

The second advantage over the specs of this LG 38GN950 monitor is its 1ms response time. This is a parameter closely related to the frequency of scanning. As in the CS: GO game example mentioned above, when the fps reaches more than 144 and the response time is too long, ghosting will occur. This makes 1ms the spec for esports games.

Nano IPS display

I myself am a person who likes PC entertainment. So choosing a monitor that meets both the needs of gaming and watching movies is always my goal.

Most gaming monitors often use TN or VA panels for high response, but the trade-off is quality, especially color. LG 38GN950 is the gaming monitor among the few products equipped with Nano IPS panels – exclusive technology from LG.

Heavy weapon for gamers LG monitor 38GN950 | Gaming Gear

The Nano IPS experience is truly comfortable when the tones are harmoniously and softly represented. LG equipped with a variety of color modes for game genres: FPS / RTS / RPG. The IPS panel will also bring entertainment moments “eye-catching” for me by watching movies, the screen is both big and beautiful like this, it is not a waste of movies, right?

In addition, LG also equipped with a lot of accompanying features to help you fully enjoy the game such as G-Sync, Black Stabilizer (dark balance). The most prominent is probably the crosshair display feature. My skills increased a part when playing COD: warzone on this screen when there was a situation where I could not right-click to turn on aim, but had to shoot immediately.

RGB design – something gamers have always expected

Aesthetics have always been a topic shared a lot in the community and the LG 38GN950 still has the trendy design of gamers, typically the RGB LED strip.

Heavy weapon for gamers LG monitor 38GN950 | Gaming Gear

RGB lighting has made my space a more unique style than previous screens. You can customize the monochrome lighting or sync with the colors while playing games or watching movies.

Heavy weapon for gamers LG monitor 38GN950 | Gaming Gear

The second plus point in the design is the rear cable retention brace. We themselves and gamers in general are always confused by the types of cables. However, this cable holding brace has helped me “hide” a lot of the wires to have a “minimalistic” gaming corner.


With a series of features such as 4K 38 “size, 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response rate, Nano IPS panel, LG 38GN950 has a high-end price: 42 million VND. Will be an option that marks your level of gaming passion when deciding to invest in this monitor.Of course comes you will be completely satisfied with the experience that not everyone has!

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