Hear the wonderful sounds of the universe, created from NASA’s series of photos of the Milky Way

The video contains the “sound” of the universe announced by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama. Data was taken from NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory and other telescopes that have imaged the Milky Way with optical and infrared light.

NASA then released composite images of space using data collected from observatories and provided the public with a visual view of things beyond human perception.

However, sight only represents one of the ways that people can perceive it. So NASA decided to bring a new experience of the universe through hearing.

The space agency explained: “The center of our Milky Way is too far to visit. But we can still explore it. The telescope gives us a chance to see what the center of the Galaxy looks like in different types of light.” By translating digital data (from 1 to 0) from telescopes captured in space into images, astronomers will create images that we will not be able to see. to be in space

But what if you experience these data with other senses like hearing? Sonification is the process of converting data into sound and a new project that brings the heart of the Milky Way to the audience for the first time.

This is a project for the first time, data from the center of the Milky Way is processed as sound, which involves playing the sound of space from left to inside the image. In this case, NASA puts the intensity of light in the image as the volume controller, while the stars and other small light sources are translated as individual nodes. Dust and gas in the space and the vertical position of the light will act as pitch control.

Hear the wonderful sounds of the universe created from NASA s series of photos of the Milky Way | Explore

NASA has provided various versions of the Sonification project, including solo tracks, providing sound from individual data sources like Hubble, Spitzer, Chandra, and more. There is also a version where all data is combined. NASA says listeners can finally hear the sound translated from the observed data at a distance of 400 light years.

The US Space Agency said: “Sound plays a valuable role in our understanding of the world and the universe. At the same time it shows that observations from a telescope show only a partial aspect of the galaxy. “The Hubble image shows the energy of the Milky Way, where the stars are forming.” The image from Spitzer provides data on the intricate structures inside the galaxy’s dust clouds. “

NASA has a dedicated website that synthesizes the sound generated from the observation data of the X-ray telescope – Chandra called “Universe of Sound”. You can find more audio tracks on this site, including tracks by stars, star systems and notable celestial bodies.

The sound from the Milky Way

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