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Have about 4 million to buy noise-canceling headphones from Apple, Sony, Samsung, Huawei or JBL to your liking?

The market currently has too many noise-cancelling wireless headphones from big brands, so it’s much more difficult to figure out what to buy. A rough calculation of mobile, big and popular sound brands alone has 2-3 different lines. The most typical are the 5 models of headphones with the price range of 4-5 million below. Each headset has different designs and features, but overall, they are notable options. So, which type should you buy to best suit your needs, let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, JBL Live Pro 2, Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2, Apple AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM4 all cost about 4 million. Which is the best and most suitable option for you?

Noise resistance: It turns out that the new generation is not the best

The most surprising thing about noise resistance is not because AirPods Pro are still good so far, but that Samsung is falling behind its competitors too much.

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro is very good at anti-bass noise, cutting out almost all the noise from fans, air conditioners, and vehicles rumbling on the street. But, it lets in too much middle and high noise such as talking, clicking keyboards… The most likely reason is because the design has short sound pipes and too thin earplugs, reducing noise resistance. passive.

Have about 4 million to buy noise canceling headphones from Apple Sony Samsung Huawei or JBL to your liking | Watch - Buy - Always

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro has a commendable ultra-compact design, but it turns out to be disappointing in terms of noise resistance.

Even though AirPods Pro is 3 years old, it still ranks 4th. The bass is not as good as Buds2 Pro, but the mid and high range cuts much better, turning on the music about 50% is enough to not hear the voice of the speaker or the keyboard pulse. around anymore. However, when the music is turned off, an annoying fart sound will be heard.

Next is the JBL Live Pro 2, which is much cheaper than the competition but the noise is not bad, does well in most bands, is less prone to “fizzing” like AirPods Pro and also has an automatic mode to adjust the level of cancellation. is fine. This mode works very stably, does not automatically adjust the increase or decrease too much, but is always at the highest level.

The runner-up belongs to Huawei, with better noise cancellation in all 3 bands, but the slight minus point is that the automatic noise cancellation mode is not very stable, often increasing and decreasing the noise level, so it is easy to cause discomfort. In addition, when turning on the highest mode, the phenomenon of “farting” is clearly heard.

Finally, the Sony WF-1000XM4 still holds the throne of the noise-canceling village, not because of the many microphones or the best processing algorithm, but because of the high-quality foam earplugs, Basically, using this type of foam has been used. It can prevent quite a bit of middle and high noise, when combined with active noise cancellation technology, it clearly gives good effect in all 3 bands, cutting out most of the noise from vehicles and fans, significantly reducing the noise. keyboard typing and loud voices.

Have about 4 million to buy noise canceling headphones from Apple Sony Samsung Huawei or JBL to your liking | Watch - Buy - Always

Sony is still the “boss” of noise cancellation thanks to a combination of long sound pipes, foam earplugs and good noise processing algorithms.

In addition, there is a common plus for Huawei and Sony headphones that have their own wind noise cancellation mode. When sitting in front of a fan, going outdoors or riding a car, the headset will automatically detect the sound of the wind and then turn off the external microphones, leaving only the microphone inside the ear to work. At this time, the noise resistance is really reduced, but in return, there will be no more wind blowing in the ears.

Sound quality: Everyone is fine, only Sony is not okay

If you only evaluate the original sound quality, not changed by EQ, the Sony WF-1000XM4 really deserves the bottom of the table. The sound quality of this headset is quite dark, with a lot of bass, moderate mid and treble truncated, so listening to music will find it lacking the necessary excitement. The singer’s voice is smooth and smooth but a bit dark, and the bass is much in both quality and volume, hard to suit most users.

Those who want to use the WF-1000XM4 should definitely download the control application to re-adjust the EQ. At this time, the new pair of headphones really shows their full potential and becomes more valuable.

Have about 4 million to buy noise canceling headphones from Apple Sony Samsung Huawei or JBL to your liking | Watch - Buy - Always

In addition to the slightly disappointing sound quality, the JBL Live Pro 2 is extremely good in its price range.

The next low position is JBL. Live Pro 2 this year, the sound quality is balanced, clearly improved compared to the old life, but the ability to show details is not very good. The bass range is very good, but the mid and treble are less clear, the singer’s voice is a bit deep. Even though the EQ has been adjusted, the sound is still mixed together, unable to separate the instruments.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 and Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro sound quite similar, slightly V Shape, bright treble (and a bit dazzling) but it is highly likely to be suitable for young people who like to listen to vibrant music. However, Huawei is still a bit better because of better vocal performance and more EQ settings in the application, while Samsung only has a few presets to choose from, which is not very flexible.

Finally, the sound quality of AirPods Pro is nothing particularly worth discussing. All 3 bands are just right, not more or less, focusing on the best performance in the clear and detailed vocals. Because of that, it is also an easy-to-listen headset that suits most people’s ears, no matter what genre of music. In addition, if you use AirPods Pro with iPhone, iPad also has Spatial Audio which is quite fun, the soundstage feels significantly spacious even though it’s just a virtual effect.

What about Crosstalk mode?

The Transparency feature of Sony and JBL is quite bad because it captures too much noise, feels unnatural and sometimes jarring, such as the sound of the keyboard, the sound of spoons and chopsticks hitting the bowl, for example.

If using JBL Live Pro 2, turning on TalkThru mode (double tap on the headset) will prioritize voice playback that is much more pleasant to use. Sony also has a voice priority mode, but it’s still pretty bad overall.

Have about 4 million to buy noise canceling headphones from Apple Sony Samsung Huawei or JBL to your liking | Watch - Buy - Always

The 3-year-old AirPods Pro still excels in sound quality in Transcendental mode, no competitor has yet surpassed.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro and FreeBuds Pro 2 Transcendental Sound are both good enough, hear voices clearly, are not jarring with loud noises, even though they still play back the fans and air conditioners a lot.

AirPods Pro after 3 years turned out to be still too “heavy” in this clause, showing a very natural, smooth sound, prioritizing everyone’s voice and cutting off quite a lot of harsh sounds.

Comfort: Sony trades a bit too much, Samsung “on the throne”

Just looking at the design, everyone immediately sees that the comfort of the Sony headset is the worst. The WF-1000XM4 is still very big and heavy compared to its competitors. The design of the long sound pipe is beneficial in terms of noise resistance and sound quality, but the housing clicks on the ear a lot, there are definitely people who can’t wear it, or wear it at once and it hurts to take it off.

AirPods Pro, FreeBuds Pro 2 and Live Pro 2 all have a similar design, equally comfortable to wear, almost no different.

Have about 4 million to buy noise canceling headphones from Apple Sony Samsung Huawei or JBL to your liking | Watch - Buy - Always

Looking at the design of the ear models, you can immediately guess which one is the most comfortable and comfortable to wear.

Samsung in this category excelled at winning the top position because of its ultra-compact and lightweight design, which can be worn on the ear, even lying on the side, resting the ear on the pillow. However, because it is too small, when manipulating the position and disassembly, it is easy to touch the button and be careless, and it is extremely easy to fall to the ground.

Battery life: JBL is the most durable, AirPods Pro really need an upgrade

When noise canceling is on, AirPods Pro have a single battery life of only 4.5 hours, or 24 hours when combined with the charging case. The number is actually enough for most users but compared to other products, it is too poor.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 has an even lower battery life, only about 4 hours when noise canceling is on, but in return will reach 30 hours when combined with the charging case.

Have about 4 million to buy noise canceling headphones from Apple Sony Samsung Huawei or JBL to your liking | Watch - Buy - Always

Huawei’s FreeBuds Pro 2 has the worst individual battery life, but the remaining aspects range from good to very good.

Sony’s model has extremely good individual battery life, up to 8 hours continuously with noise cancellation enabled. However, because the charging case is so small, it only adds up to 24 hours in total.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro has a compact design, but it turns out that the battery life is very good, up to more than 7 hours individually and 29 hours when including the charging case.

The “last boss” about the battery turned out to be the cheapest Live Pro 2 model, up to about 34 hours when combined with the charging case and about 8 hours when using individual headphones, with noise cancellation enabled.

All 5 models of these headphones support fast charging, the difference is not much and it is extremely convenient to use when busy and can’t plug in for a long time.


In fact, at this price range, all 5 headset models deserve to be appreciated.

The 3-year-old AirPods Pro is still too good for the price because the experience is stable, just right in all aspects, especially when used with iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The Sony WF-1000XM4 has the strengths of the best noise cancellation, flexible sound quality, easy EQ adjustment via the app and long battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro has an unprecedented compact design, extremely comfortable wearing, vibrant sound quality and good battery life.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 has good automatic noise cancellation, comfortable wearing design, flexible sound quality, easy to listen to, easy to adjust.

JBL Live Pro 2 is the cheapest but not much less than its senior, the sound quality is not very good, but the battery life is “unmatched” and the noise resistance is outstanding in the segment.

Have about 4 million to buy noise canceling headphones from Apple Sony Samsung Huawei or JBL to your liking | Watch - Buy - Always

Any 4 million noise-canceling headphones are good, but consider carefully to choose the model that best suits your needs.

Note: Everyone’s ears have different shapes and sizes, so the experience may differ from the above evaluations, although not much. If you really care about the headphone experience, it’s best to wear it and listen to it before deciding to buy.

If you are interested, you can see more information, price and order the above headset models via the link below.

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