Haunting ghost stories on MXH Reddit

1. Hair – user u / spuds_mckenzie

I live with my three friends in a haunted house.

They were here for five weeks before I arrived. Everyone vowed that a certain young lady was haunting this house. Some even said that he saw the incense in the house burned when no one was there. Then the other kid was more excited about the whole furnace they often felt when the house was off, struggling to fumble the light switch, it felt like someone’s hair was falling on their heads. Or when lights go on automatically and no one is there.

I am an atheist, rubble on the crap of the mentally disabled children all day making up bullshit delusional delusion I also do not spare to do anything.

And then more than a month after I moved in, I was once in my bed when I heard the cry of a girl waving in the corridor. My two friends in the house are girls, so I went out to see if there was anything comforting, so I lived in the same room anyway. I sat up and opened the door to see who was crying when I realized that I was home alone.

2. Hand – user u / AtlanticHDMI

Haunting ghost stories on MXH Reddit | Discovery

When I was 8.9 or 10 years old, I once went to a friend’s house. I used to be close friends with her. At that time, I went to the bathroom. As I entered, I saw a hand sticking out of the shower curtain. I looked back to see her cat. But what I saw before was not a cat’s paws but human hands but there was no one behind the curtain. I never thought such a scary thing would happen to me.

3. Haunted house – user u / DickRubnuts

Haunting ghost stories on MXH Reddit | Discovery

When my grandparents bought a house for my family of 10, my grandfather found a fake wall upstairs. He smashed that wall down to make the house wider. Behind the wall were baby clothes and toys, like the people there hurriedly left.

My mother once told me stories about her sitting in her room and hearing what sounded like the wallpaper torn from the walls around her. When my mother moved out, my aunt moved into the right room. She often wakes up every morning with pictures of aunts hung on the wall on her chest.

Some of my cousins ​​also talked about their footsteps coming up the stairs and stopped in front of their door in the middle of the night. I still don’t climb upstairs because it’s always cold and I always feel weird there. Even when I was an adult, I still had terrible dreams upstairs.

4. Shadow – user u / tom-evvans

Haunting ghost stories on MXH Reddit | Discovery

When I was about 14 years old, I asked my dad to wake me up early at around 5:00 am because I had work to do. That morning, I was woken up, and when I poked my feet by the side of the bed, I felt someone pulling my leg. At that time I thought it was my father and he was urging me to wake up. I took my phone and turned it on, 3:30 am. I looked at the black figure whom I thought was my father, and it disappeared.

5. Samantha – user u /[deleted]

Haunting ghost stories on MXH Reddit | Discovery

I heard my two-year-old daughter once talked in the bedroom in the middle of the night. So I went and asked what she was doing. She said:

– I’m talking to my friend Samantha. That guy is on the ceiling, dad.

My wife miscarried a baby a few months ago. It was a little girl, and we were going to name her Samantha.

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