Happy New Year: The immortal song sung at the time of New Year’s Eve is even more poignant when the year 2020 closes with full of thoughts.

2020 is finally over. Certainly for many people, 2020 is an extremely volatile year and also the most unforgettable time in life. And the new year comes again, with new hopes and new dreams, again congratulations in the moment of change.

And the song Happy New Year will resound everywhere on the planet, from big cities to small houses.

Happy New Year is an immortal group ABBA released in 1980. Since its inception, this song has become the most played song every New Year. Regardless of how much time, the song still brings a strong vitality and echoes forever, creeping into the emotions of each of us.

However, despite having gone through many Tet in this immortal music, few people really know the meaning behind those tragic, sad songs.

“The champagne is empty, the fireworks are over

Here, only you and me

The same aversion and sorrow

The party is over

And the dawn was bleak

Not like yesterday anymore

Now is the time for us to Happy New Year! “

Why is a sad song sung in a happy, awaiting new year?

The New Year is always a time of profound significance. That is when we say goodbye to the old year, welcome a new year with many new hopes and dreams. That is also the time when we feel restless, joyful, and glowing in our hearts.

However, the lyrics are bleak and can be seen with no eagerness to wait for a new year. The lyrics are also not sung at a transitional moment, when we hold a glass of champagne in our hand, smiling and a bright light of fireworks overhead. It is also not the time when we embrace each other, say goodbye to the old year in regret and welcome the new year with new hopes. It was an anti-corruption morning with only the aftermath from the night before.

Why is a sad song played on such vibrant, excited music? To understand better, we need to look back at the scene when this song came out.

The song Happy New Year is on the album called Super Trouper, but at first it has a different name that sounds quite funny: Daddy Don’t Get Drunk On Christmas Day (Daddy don’t get drunk on Christmas day). At the time of 1980, members of the group ABBA did not appreciate this work, even though it was not until 1999, the song was released a single.

Also at that time, the Swedish band ABBA consisted of 4 members, also two couples: Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog – Benny Anderson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad were preparing to disband. Founded in 1972, ABBA is a famous group and has dominated the international music market for nearly a decade from 1974 to 1982 with vibrant, inspirational music.

In 1979, at the height of their career, the couple Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog announced their divorce. This has a significant impact on the activities of the whole group. Shortly after, the other couple, Benny Anderson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad also announced that they would go. And the final result is 1982, the group officially disbanded.

And the song Happy New Year was born in the transition between glory and death, between the joys of couples and such separation.

The sadness of that separation and ruin has crept into every word in the song. Each of those words also expresses human emotions in the face of the endless flow of time. There isn’t anything left, and we can only look forward to a better future. And because of that, the lyrics of the song are also a bit brighter when it comes to bringing hope for happiness.

“Sometimes, I see a new world that is strong and courageous emerging

And I see it proliferate from the ashes of our own lives “

Looking back again, when this song was born in the context of a world struggling with the consequences of wars, natural disasters, doom … In the 70s, Humanity faces hunger, wars, deaths, arms races, and crises, bloody coups and terrible genocides. It was a time when humans were overwhelmed by darkness and fear. It is also a time of confusion and despair when the world is facing destruction.

“Now, it seems the dreams I had every day have disappeared

There was nothing but confetti on the floor

A decade has just ended, who knows what will happen in the next decade

What awaits us at the end of the eighty-nine … “

In the midst of chaos and misery, what should we do but look to the singing lyrics to calm our souls and raise new hopes for a good world tomorrow?

We also have a tumultuous 2020 year.

And do you see anything, when we heard the song Happy New Year Year after year, but the lyrics have never been so true when we are facing the transition between 2020 and 2021. What we’ve been through all this time, what we see, what we build, has never been this way.

We also have a decade of many changes. We also have a year of full of surprises. We all share the same levels of emotions. And the low notes in the music are also the low notes in our lives at this point.

Take a look at what the world has been facing over the past year or so. The Covid-19 epidemic covered the entire world in a sad, somber color. The Covid-19 pandemic disturbed the world, causing about 80 million people to become infected with the virus and more than 1.7 million deaths in just one year.

Happy New Year The immortal song sung at the time of New Year s Eve is even more poignant when the year 2020 closes with full of thoughts | GameK

We have painful separations when we can’t see each other one last time. We have days that are lonely and not directly connected. Poverty, homelessness and economic collapse are exactly what we face for hours and minutes. But besides that, we also have rare joyful moments when singing, lyrics are what motivate and comfort all of this gray period.

Not only epidemics, the biggest forest fire in Australian history has also destroyed nature and wildlife. The horrifying fire burned nearly 20 million hectares of natural forest, killing 500 million animals, thousands of houses destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people evacuated from areas filled with polluted smoke.

Ethnic protests also took place strongly in the United States when a black man George Floyd was killed by the police. From a peaceful march, the protest movement turned into riots and looting in the context of Covid-19 raging everywhere.

Even in Vietnam, when the Covid-19 translation is not over, we also have to face with historic floods when hundreds of thousands of people were isolated and engulfed by flood waters.

Anyone of us must admit that 2020 is the most memorable but also worth forgetting.

Happy New Year The immortal song sung at the time of New Year s Eve is even more poignant when the year 2020 closes with full of thoughts | GameK

And now, when the lyrics Happy New Year is taken up, it as a substitute for our blessing on a new year, a new and happier period.

“Happy New Year, Happy New Year.

May we one day see a world where everyone is a friend.

Happy New Year, Happy New Year.

May we all have hope and courage to accept trials.

Because otherwise we can just lie down and die.

Me and you.”

The thoughts and dreams of the world have been infused by the ABBA group into each lyrics and music. That is the desire for love, peace for humanity, the desire for a brighter and happier world. It is also a wish for all of us to courageously and vigorously accept the challenges.

The year 2020 officially closes. We also have new rays of hope for tomorrow. May all of us keep smiling and inspired, with optimism and beliefs about a better world.

Okay, happy for us a truly Happy 2021 year.

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