Hanoi: From tomorrow, unnecessary travel will be sanctioned

Concluding at the meeting of Steering Committee for Covid Prevention and Control in the afternoon of 3/4, Hanoi Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung emphasized, within the past week, the number of Covid -19 cases in Hanoi has nearly doubled in the last 3 weeks; continually detecting infections outside the community.

Regarding the outbreak at Bach Mai Hospital, Mr. Chung said that he had directly asked 13 people in Dong Da district and 3 people in Hai Ba Trung district. Here, the family will bring rice and water to eat, hardly going to the cafeteria.

Out-of-province cases such as patient 133 in Lai Chau, patient 170 in Ninh Binh or suburban districts of Hanoi have recently gone to the cafeteria to eat and drink. “This is a characteristic to note, the remote districts can not be subjective center,” Chairman of the City People’s Committee said.

Chairman of the City People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung.

Leaders of Hanoi also said that they had asked technicians of Truong Sinh Company and learned that when taking boiled water, in light cases, patients would take water directly; In severe patients, family members will take out and up to now through testing and another two days will have full results to grasp specifically.

“From such factors all officers in the course of the task of prevention and control must integrate this information so that we can note that people who come to eat in the area or contact with employees of Truong Sinh Company, Viet A Company will be at higher risk of infection “.

On the basis of such a situation, the Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee requests all units of districts, communes and wards to immediately update the directions of the Central Committee, Hanoi Party Committee and organize the implementation; strengthening the propaganda about the awareness of prevention of all people, washing us often with soap and disinfectant water; mandatory wearing a mask; When going out to the street, pay attention to the distance of 2m … All cases of having isolation decision at home must be taken seriously.

“The elderly and those who don’t have the necessary work try not to go out in the street for the next 2 weeks. In the TP tomorrow will strengthen inspection. Those who are not allowed to travel outside the street are subject to a fine. Sanctions already. All amusement parks must be closed … Because only 10% of the population will still be out on the road that will destroy all measures “, President of Hanoi City emphasized.

Mr. Chung also noted that districts, wards and communes should regularly take care of social security, especially concerned people with meritorious services, the poor, policy families, people with disabilities … , localities need to identify people and businesses as service centers, enhance the implementation of online public services in the spirit of ensuring all the problems of people and businesses should be answered in a timely manner, not to happen. hot spot.

Hanoi From tomorrow unnecessary travel will be sanctioned | Internet

“Just 10% of the population still going to the streets will ruin all measures”, President of Hanoi City emphasized.

“At this time, the ban on cutting electricity, electricity and water and telecommunication services must be ensured to ensure sufficient and quality services for people.”, Chairman of City People’s Committee stated.

It is suggested that districts, towns continue to focus on verifying and clarifying cases related to Bach Mai hospital. In addition, attention should be paid to reviewing schools of taxi drivers, technology drivers, motorbike taxi drivers at the hospital gate.

Currently, the city has decided to deploy tents for testing, suggesting these tents should be arranged in large yards, people need to line up 2m apart and wear masks. If all positive test cases give positive results, it is recommended to transfer to the nearest hospital for testing, if the second positive is transferred to the Central Tropical Hospital 2, if negative requires isolation at home.

Sharing with the leader and medical staff of Bach Mai hospital, the City President suggested the leader of Bach Mai hospital to do well the thought work for cadres and staff assured to do medical examination and treatment. isolated mind.

The Chairman of the City People’s Committee assigned CDC Hanoi to urgently organize verification and investigation of the travel and contact of Truong Sinh and Viet A company employees, announcing all travel of these cases. Chairman of Hanoi said that initially 18/22 cases of this accommodation, working continuously in the hospital, but need specific verification to clarify.

Mr. Chung reminded the districts, towns, absolutely not be subjective with the prevention of COVID-19 by: “If the translation on April 15 drops, rest assured, otherwise it will continue to be very complicated.”.

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